The spawns will NEVER be improved.

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Strike zone isn't big enough to have safe spawns.a team has to camp to provide a safe spawn for themselves.If enemy is spawning with or behind you,your team is on all the other spawns,that's logic. The learn the spawns and logic video's are there to learn to be a spawn rushing killer,not to help you spawn safe. Spawn camping is a result of spawn rushing,it's revenge,a direct result of your own needs to have small maps for "faster"game play,,the ability to kill then rush to the next spawn and 're kill before they have a chance know what's happening them.  My opinion of course.
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Depends on the mode as I don't find them bad in TDM but they are by far the worst in dom... i have spawned numerous times with someone aiming right at me...

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The spawns are bad and to predicable.

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This is how spawns work :

They are influenced on three major factors

1. They are effected most by the flag or objective you hold. Every flag or objective has a number of spawns attached to them. These are the most likely places that you will spawn when holding them. This does not mean that every time you will spawn at this places. Spawns also depend on map control and player positioning.

2. So the next major factor for spawning is your team mates positioning. The spawns will tend to anchor towards the general mass of your teammates positioning. If they are pushed to one side of the flag or objective you hold you are likely to spawn near them. If they are spread evenly around the map you will likely spawn somewhere between them all. This will happen unless an enemy is blocking that place.

3. The next factor effecting spawns is enemy positioning and lines of sight. If an enemy has a line of sight on a potential spawn you will not spawn there. It will be blocked off. Enemy proximity to your potential spawn is also a factor but not so much of importance. If an enemy is near a potential spawn and not looking towards it (line of sight) then you may spawn there.

These are the most important factors that control where you will spawn.

So if people know how the system works and they are good then they will use it to there advantage. And this is part of the game.

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I am not going to debate the spawn issue. Your three points make sense, but, they can't explain how a person spwans in a location and takes 3-4 steps and has the enemy spawn directly behind you thus killing you. I have seen this multiple times. Smaller maps especially.

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Example,,,,,4 spawns,4enemy 1per spawn 4 team mates hitting respawn at same time ,were you gonna spawn?
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