The spawns will NEVER be improved.

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Skill has nothing to do with game design. One should never be spawned into a position so the person who just killed you gets a 2nd kill on you. This happens constantly in the game and for anyone to deny this is a joke. I would like to point out its the same people on this forum that will always post denying what everyone else sees, saying its not true. Why is that I wonder?

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Sorry to burst your bubble Gunnerman677. I am far from a bad player, You must have on horse blinders because your in the 5% that think the spawns are good. People in my clan have KD's from 2.68-0.86 and every one has had multiple complaints about the spawn issue. You should research some of the past discussions on spawning before you start piping off about terrible players.

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The past discussions are irrelevant after the patch.

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Any good players with 2+ k/d from past CODs definitely know spawns are consistently terrible in this game. Especially players with headsets + amplify.

There isn't a single match I play where enemies don't spawn within 7-8 feet of me multiple times.

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Personally, I believe they're fine. I'm not sure if "any good players" is fair to be said. I have a 2.17 K/D but I don't think the spawns are terrible. They're definitely not "broken" and I've definitely not seen an enemy spawn 8 feet away. That's a little... ridiculous? If you watch the mini map consistently, it can be pretty obvious where enemies will spawn. I won't say people that complain about this subject suck but the posts regarding spawns are a little excessive.

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You're right they won't. 

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Some maps seem worse than others (tremor is for whatever reason my hell spawn map, flooded as well) but, for example on Octane and Overlord I can barely ever remember getting what I would call an outrageously poor spawn.

I would tend to agree there seems to be a small but vocal minority who seem to revert to the "if you were any good at the game it wouldn't be a problem for you," but that's BS I wouldn't claim to be anything more than above average at best but I don't need to be Mr 3.0K/D+ to know there IS something wrong if its possible for a player to die, respawn and be killed within 3 seconds... The only way I can think of that being justified is domination if the team is trapped down by the one flag they have been able to get and spawning there well that at least makes some sense. In TDM, FFA I do have a percentage of "that should not have happened" moments. I always play alone as live in asia but am from UK so communication with anyone near me is a language problem the only other reason I have ever been able to come up with is if you are with a bunch of randoms and playing against organized opposition perhaps they are able to lock down and cover the main spawns but even then the answer is have more varied spawn points the maps ARE big enough for on a 6 vs 6 to not end up near to someone....

I'm not saying its "broken" to the point of being unplayable, that is a massive exaggeration but I do struggle to understand how its not possible to mend it so it doesn't happen on such (relatively speaking) large maps? I read the forums daily but don't actually post myself that often as there are so many arrogant font of all knowledge types on here but reading the well get better at the game reply being given to others is just irritating. I'm not the conspiracy type but it is bordering on suspicious as I just don't believe there are a handful of "magical" players this never happens to....

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The spawing is the spawn traps i have to get used question is when are they going to bring back hardcore free for all...

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if you have a look on youtube there are videos of all the spawn points. and tell you more about spawn logic. these are very helpful i think they have helped me many of time. when you watch the videos you will see. most of the spawns are fine you just have to recognise where they are and where your teamates are to notice if they are blocking of other spawns. i no how frustrating it can be to be spawned behind but now i know never to turn my back on a known spawn point

give it a look bruv

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I know the majority of the spawns but it's just the fact that they always change with each patch and I have to learn them all over again

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