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Spawns are a problem yes, nothing else you said is accurate.

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Re: This needs to stop

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If the I.E.Ds bother you that much work sitrep into your perks. Also solves the problem of running around a corner into a IMS or sentry gun.

What I want to know is where the hell are you finding a HC FFA? Since on my list of game modes that doesn't seem to be there. And is also missing from my list of game modes in Blop2.  And it is a damn shame that that game mode has been taken away from the players that enjoy playing hardcore over core.

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Re: This needs to stop

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IW has tweeted that the next few patches, they are going to rework spawns so there is no need to complain anymore other than for the sake of complaining.

As for the map size, it isn't too terribly difficult to figure out where campers like to hide. As you have said, you played since MW2, these maps are not really all that much bigger, just more complex. Once you learn where campers like to hide, as you have done on previous CODs, you will be able to kill them easier.

If you want to go back to a 'former glory' that you once played, then you should play those games. Despite people complaining that this COD is the same as all before, the truth is that it will never be the same ever again. Think back to MW3 when they brought back Terminal from MW2. It was a great map on MW2 however on MW3, it became a shell of what it once was. Ghost will never return to your glory days. Future games will not return to your glory days.

As for IEDs, as everyone has been quick to point out, sitrep is your friend. IEDs are fine and if you run into one, it's your fault. Once more people run sitrep, the amount of IED spam will lessen because they won't be as useful and less people will need to run IEDs. They are just a crutch right now for those learning the game and as long as people run into them, they will be used.

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Re: This needs to stop

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1 campers has been and always been in FPS.

even last COD where you had to move if you wanted to stay of the mini map did not change 1 thing.

2 the maps are fine, the respawn are terrible.

bigger maps force people to think more before running around like a headless chicken.

3 blast shield or sit rep counters IED.

not to mention there is a grenade that can act like an EMP.

other then the spawns and sometimes connection this game is fine.

there are no nerfs needed.

only thing needed is a buff to the complainers I.Q.

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Re: This needs to stop

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Read up on the game before you post and show your ignorance!

The maps appear big because they could not run more than 12 players per map on current gen Consoles.

They admitted 'Frame rates' would drop in CQC and a few other reasons. Google it and you will see.

The game is more about tactics than 'run & gun', again they (the devs) have said this. Google it and you will see.

If you go back to COD4 and the CODs around that time, you will see this game has gone back to it's grass roots. The later CODs were really a mixed bag of experiments for the casual gamer.

As stated, there are counters to explosive lethals. Don't run a second weapon and use the extra perk space!


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