To all of the hackers

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To all of the hackers

Just a simple question. Why?

Possible answers I can hear now...

1. Everyone's doing it....

My reply, No, no they are not.

2. Activision doesn't care....

My reply, Can't argue with you there.

3.Who does it hurt?

My reply...You, dumbass.

4. It makes me better.

My reply...You dumbass.

5.1v1 me bro..

My reply..Why? You're not worth the time.

With the risk of sounding old, winning by cheating is not winning, it's imaginary, it doesn't count.

If you win based on your skill, I'll say GG and move on. Cheat to win and you have just proven you

are scared to play a game based on your own skill. It speaks true to your lack of confidence in your abilities that you need a crutch to play with. I could care less if you think differently, facts are facts.

(Oh and just for the ones that says it's sour grapes, we've won all of our clan all of our Diamond

matches we've not let any of the other teams get any points at all. We've played plenty of hackers throughout the series, most end up backing out. If we find one, we isolate them, swarm them, and insure that their gaming experience is just as bad as they try to make everyone elses. )

There's my soapbox......Old Guy

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Re: To all of the hackers

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It's the new generation of gamers. They feel entitled to everything. First, stupid parents buying their pre-teens this game (even though this is a M rated game, whatever), these kids play it, get completely destroyed by better players, cries to mom and dad about how the others won't let them win or ruin their streaks. Parents feel sorry for their kid. Kid get aimbot,/wall hacks/prestige mods. Suddenly they think they're so great and decide to be a d!ck on the mic. Sound familiar?

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