Tryhard? Why wouldn't I try hard?

Ghosts PlayStation 3

I love being called a camper or in this case tryhard it usually means I have done my job for my team and killed as many enemies as possible.  And I really love it when I have done it well enough to have some 14-15 year kid just totally raging in the lobby after a match. I am just an average player at best, so I can only imagine what happens when these same people run up against a truely good player.

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Hello my name is MysteriousDeeds and I'm a TryHard! (in my AA meeting voice)

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I just mute those idiots. These are the same people that rage when you kill them.

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Tryhard is normally said by other players who were trying hard, but got beat.. but there are some players that do not try and just p,ay to run around

i have a second account that I use just for sniping.. when i snipe i dont really care if i win, my only concern is trying to do the best I can with a sniper ( i also play FFA).. however if someone in the lobby who is winning, and is gloating about it, I will switch to my "try hard class"

did this twice last night.. pissed them off because i won, and i ruined their win streak.. hey they told me to switch.. they felt cocky

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just thank them for the compliment and hear them either STFU or try to explain how its supposed te be negative.

either way you will be laughing.

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Everytime I get called a tryhard, I age about 20 years, put on my old man pants, and I lecture the little brats about the value of hard work and rant about how kids these days handed everything. I bring up how they have no idea what it is like to put a hard's day work in, mommy and daddy buying them everything and how they are walking billboards in favor of abstinence because children like them are our future and the future is bleak without those who are willing to work hard to accomplish goals.

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you said about 20 words in their that those kids never understood

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Wow you go much deeper into the greater life lessons than I do.  The last time that somebody called my team Tryhards.  I just said, "Yes, all day every day.  That's how you win."  I'm pretty sure that guy was about to cry so his witty commentary stopped right there.

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LOL I feel I got to sometimes. These people will be those who write laws and change the world into their vision. Think about that for a minute and tell me that doesn't scare you.

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when you put it that way it is quite scary lol. And to the OP I would just ignore it. pretty much every kill I get is followed by 'camper' 'try hard' or 'fuckn lag!' Lol

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