Tryhard? Why wouldn't I try hard?

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LOL! "pooped."

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Who cares, its a video game. Having a good k/d or high winning percentage does not get you anywhere in life, To the ppl who call you tryhard cause u had a good game, need to shut up, Its a video game meant to have fun with your friends not a game where you get insulted cause you had a good game.

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I actually look forward to people calling me a tryhard. Yeah, it is irritating because it is somehow meant to be mean, but when they do call me one, I just laugh and mock how "bad" they hurt my feelings. I just say, "I guess that makes you a 'Not-try-hard-enough' then."

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What I think people mean by try hard is that you take the game too seriously. You have a class to counter act every other class that your opponents might be using, You have specific classes for each map, you have different streaks for each map and so on blah blah. Maybe you play the game more than you hang out with your real life friends and dedicate your life to Call of Duty.

That's my thoughts on what people call try hards.

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Sounds like a good definition, but much like "camper" it has turned to anyone who is better than the one who called out the word. These losers have to make excuses for losing to save face in front of their friends, much like calling out camper everytime they get killed.

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I guess I am half of a tryhard. I use 3 different classes usually. An assault rifle as my primarily used firearm, then a sniping class for maps like stormfront, stonehaven and the like, and then the third is usually just a tryout class, where I keep changing the weapon to try new ones in case I get bored with the one I been using. I recently changed to the MTAR-X. LOVE IT! It is in my primary class now. I don't change killstreaks according to maps, or perks. And I don't freak when I lose. I actually try to spend as much time with real people as I can. I got two kids who are way more important than this game.

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Just wanted to say thanks for all of the comments guys! I can't believe how long this thread is now, and I'm glad I am not the only one who finds this "tryhard" thing just ridonkulous.

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I'd say I'm about 1/8th one, lol.

Nothing tailored for any map, but just one class for each weapon type with other things more based on the class itself than the map or game type. Then I just cycle through the list of each weapon type with each match.

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Tryhard = A person usually of little talent who tries hard, especially through imitation, to succeed, usually to gain fame or popularity

1. A face-saving insult used by someone who is feeling inadequate. Basically accuses anyone who is better than them at anything of putting in effort. Doubles as an excuse for sucking by implying lack of effort on the speaker's part.

2. An insult blatantly misused by 13-year-old kiddies in online gaming who, ironically, try very hard to win themselves and take it too seriously when they lose.

3. Someone who tries too hard to fit in. Easy to spot online because of their constant use of trendy internet slang such as "fail", "cool story bro", and "tryhard".

After a match a tryhard will make up excuses of why they lost.

Calling the winner a "Tryhard", cheater, hacker, lag switcher or blame it on lag.

They never except that fact that they lost because they have no skill yet tried so hard to win.

They love to sit in a corner on COD and talk crap the whole match with a negative K/D at the end.

That is a true TRYHARD.

Forever the bottom.

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On the note of the "I'm lagging" excuse, I actually do bad sometimes from lag, but I don't even use that excuse, cuz I know how it would come off to me if someone else used it.

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