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What does everyone think of Call of Duty Ghosts Onslaught DLC? I am still thinking of whether or not I want to get the DLC. Everyone I've talked to (3 people) have said it's either really good or awesome. However, I feel like it's too little an audience to really get whether or not it's worth buying. What does everyone think of Onslaught if you've bought it? Thank you for your opinions!

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All maps are pretty good, they're a bit smaller than the disc ones, which most of those were too big in my opinion.

The gun is ok, either version. Not that OP, not weak either.

Nightfall is fantastic, it's a significantly better survival experience.

My opinion: Decent overall, great for Extinction players.

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What is the total download size for onslaught ?

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it was a little over 1 gb

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Love Extinction .... The size of the maps is right IMHO ( I thought some of the originals are to big) the maverick is okay I was hoping for something like the peacekeeper from BO2 as far as the upgrade from stock guns..( if that makes sense?) Overall I'm happy with the purchase.

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I can't seem to play a match other than Fog and it's kind of annoying.

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I played for a little over two hours today and still have not seen my first game on ANY of the new maps. Yeah, it's pretty frustrating. That frustration is compounded by the fact that I general only see 3 to 4 of the old maps pop up in several hours of play. It's also just boring as hell knowing that there are other old maps available but the game somehow refuses to let you play all of them on any given night.

I'm somewhat convinced that treyarch purposefully uses a "full retard" approach to development in general.  

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The maps are only in the Onslaught rotation.

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The maps are good but I don't like how they made the playlist a Moshpit. As a TDM player, I just want to play TDM on the maps. I can't wait until they put these maps on normal rotation so I don't have to bother with KC.

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WHAT? I just paid $15.00 for something I can't play unless I'm playing KC? Nah...reallly?

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