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Ghosts PlayStation 3


i have been playing COD since the original Black Ops. I have seen all of these games grow in all facets possible. However, i am a die hard COD person and this is the only games i play. I won't any other game. I can honestly say without a doubt that this game has been the biggest disappointment yet. Let me share my experience so far with Ghosts.


  1. Good maps
  2. Guns are OK but are not new (most of them are a version of what is in Black Ops 2)


  1. Maps are too big and can't see enemies very good
  2. Lag (Extremely bad without using foul language)
  3. When i am standing still, directly facing an enemy shooting directly at him\her and they can run through the bullets and knife me ( I call BS)
  4. Maps are too dark, lighten them up some and that would be better
  5. Can not turn and shoot an enemy quickly
  6. Purchased attachments for a gun does not carry over to another character, which it should why should you purchase the same thing twice for different characters.
  7. More to come i am sure...

I spend a lot of time playing these games and i am consistent over 10-15 kill person with less deaths, however it seems that since the inception of this game my best game once has been 12-14 which to me is making this game unusable. If these things aren't fixed i can see a lot of people no longer buying COD and switching to some other game. I have seriously considered going back to playing Black Ops 2 and everyone knows that there are way to holes in the game for people to exploit.

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