Which Games are still playable; not hacked a lot?

Ghosts PlayStation 3

For Ps3 ONLY

Black Ops1 Or BO2

Mw3, Mw2, Ghosts

"Bonus" if you can tell me how many people are Online on each of these games Plz & THX.

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I don't feel like popping them all in to tell you how many people are online right now, but I can tell you from my experience:

MW2: most hacked game, 3/4 of the time or more there will be an invisible or godmode player.

Blops: hacked, but not as consistently. Or maybe I'm just lucky and get host more often. Team Tac is almost always a bust, it's the easiest game mode for people to XP Lobby. 2/3 of the matches in any mode will probably have invisible or godmode player.

MW3: hit and miss with hacking. A friend of mine can hardly find a lobby that's clear, I've had about half and half luck with invisible or godmode hackers.

Blops2: doesn't seem any more hacked than when it was the newest game.

Ghosts: same as Blops2, it's somewhat rare, but happens. I've only come across a dozen hacked lobbies since it came out.

Basically, the longer it's been out, the more people are hacking.

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I've only run into 1 hacker in black ops 2.  Usually there are more people on bo2 than ghosts.  Black ops 1 is less hacked up than mw3, but you will occasionally run into invisible people.  Mw3 is a little bit more hacked up with invisible people and radar hackers.  Mw2 usually has at least 1 person with hacks or infections in each lobby.  It is still somewhat playable. 

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I think they should create lobbies for hacking and also have lobbies for straight playing genuine ppl who just wanna play the game the way it was intended to be played...especially since they're not about to kick these dweebs...this way they can continue to mod and pat themselves on the back in their lobbies while the rest of us can enjoy playing these games again...i bet if we were able to separate them more of us old noncheating gamers would come back and these games will be popular again....if not then possibly consider doing private lobbies controlled by players and let them decide who they wanna allow in their lobbies

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As I wrote before, we are being forced to buy new hard andsoftware. It's strange that nor Sony or game makers don't do anything about this. 

I think that these hack software are provided by Sony or the gamemaker, because I know that these kind of software were provided by pay TV providers before, to make ppl think/able to watch for free for a while. After some period it's no more possible to watch for free, there are always ppl who go buy a genuine hard and software to stay watching.


I'd not buy any new console or game, let them fix the current hacker problem before to tell me to buy new one. After a short period new game or console will be infected with the same problem. Why should I spend money for it while it is useless ?

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