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Ghosts PlayStation 3

does it have split screen in multiplayer like Black Ops 2?

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yes it does!!!! one of the deal breakers for me cause my wife plays split screen with me, it has local mode just like blops and blops 2 and the ai is better and more options also extinction can be played split screen as well.

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im loving the game although my first few games last night i got beasted because i am used to bo2 small maps but im actually glad that im struggling means i will enjoy the challenge of the game all that much more, i think the maps look fantastic, the fact that there seems to be no limitations to places you can climb or drop down, opening hatches...standing on a bus while it sinks..(i found out the hard way ) although the mele slows you right down i like how realistic it has become means that the guys just running around stabbing ya in the back are now limited because of the time a mele takes, i have to say i have no real complaints all posititve....apart from my K/D

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Good man, nice to see people taking to the forums too. Say how they like the game! I absolutely love search and rescue, and also the marksman rifles, they are ace,. Definitely different game from BO2. And cranked, absolutely hilarious watching someone run at you then explode xD

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I love the game .......the maps are good, I like the weapons, the loadout system is great.......

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OK, So I have to admit, so far so good. Ive only played for about an hour and half (mostly domination, to get to know the maps)and maybe witnessed 1-2 questionable killcams....That being said, i dont see much of an improvement in the graphics department (new engine ?) But sound is much better, there is fluidity in character movement and larger maps are a GOOD thing.

I was also victim to a couple bad spawns but generally speaking this game is an IMPROVEMENT from blops2. For some reason i was happy while playing yesterday and not frustrated (reminds of mw2 in a certain way)

The Game is not perfect, but you can see the devs listened to the community and really tried to give us a good game. There are tweaks that i think need to be made in the near future, but not only is the game playbale. IT IS GOOD AND FUN ....

On that note, i am off to rank up and explore the new game modes

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I think the maps are perfect size I don't think their to big. And I don't know people are complainig u die to quick I like it better like this unlike in 3arc games where it takes 10 bullets in the head to kill someone...

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I really hope that IW doesn't give a knee jerk reaction to those crying and complaining about changes and nerfs after just one day, especially when many haven't even started to play it yet.  Hopefully they'll read all views before making any alterations and keep them to a minimum. I'm actually loving the game. It seems well balanced. Yes I've had what seemed like one hit deaths but I've also had times when I've run away from the battle with a red screen and lived to tell the tale. Spawns and graphics could perhaps do with a little work but they're not game-breakers.  Character movement works well, climbing, jumping and who doesn't love the knee slide! lol  Knifing is also quite well balanced. Maybe those complaining - not all but some - are the ones used to running around hip-firing SMGs on small clustered maps?  This is not a game for that, although there are times for it.  Every playstyle is included and focus is again on gun battles. After being very sceptical for a long time that this could be any better than the rubbish of MW and BOII, I'm very pleasantly surprised for now.  Good job IW!

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Honestly, my first game I played yesterday, I was shocked.  I wondered how I would ever like this game.  I mean WOW...the maps are huge.  I began to pray that a Nuketown or Dome would pop up as a choice at the start screen.  But as I continued to play, I realized that unlike Black Ops 2, when I was the first to fire in a gun battle, I WON THAT BATTLE.  And I could actually duck behind a wall and get cover.  Is the game perfect?  No, but I imagine Infinity Ward probably put more developmental resources into the Next Gen version.  I think most of you who are hating on the game should just use the PS3 version to get used to the maps...then get serious when the new consoles come out.  I think back to the first few days of Black Ops 2 and how mad I was.  Check out my old posts, I was mad.  I also made many Black Ops 2 sucks videos on my Youtube channel.  Black Ops 2 could have been good if the hit detection and lag comp were like this new game.  Another person commented on here that it shouldn't take nine bullets to kill someone....he's right. 

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After the first game I played, I was not really feeling it, but after playing for a few hours, I really think this is the best COD ever. While there are certainly some faults, I just love the way the game feels.

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