Wow...another horrible COD, imagine that.

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Wow...another horrible COD, imagine that.

I'm done with this series as it's gone downhill fast every since they fired the original founders of IW. It's unreal to me that with each game the main problems just get worse and worse instead of better, that includes the treyarch games as well.

I'm 100% blown away by how much lag is in this game, and how fvcking crappy the respawns are, at this point in time neither one of those things should be a problem. For me, I could deal with the horrible maps (this new IW seems to have a knack for making some of the worst maps COD has ever seen) and unbalanced weapons/perks/etc if the lag wasn't so piss poor and the respawns were putting people right up my ass. I've played all the console COD games online (minus 3) and after MW2 the series took a huge nosedive straight down! Black Ops was bad but playable, MW3 was so bad in terms of lag it was unplayable most times, Black Ops 2 was just about the same only with worse respawns, and now this giant turd takes the cake for the worst lag and horrible respawns to date. I don't get it, none of the earlier games had lag like this, not COD4, not WaW (which is said to have the least amount of lag of them all), nor MW2.

I'm not sure if this is because treyarch and IW can't handle the yearly deadlines, or if it's something to keep the newer players happy, because the games are no longer about skill, they're about who gets the lag on their side and who gets the more favorable respawns. Either way they need to get this fixed and fast, or their money train will be coming to a stop real soon.

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Re: Wow...another horrible COD, imagine that.

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Fully agreed. Half my friends are about to trade their games in because we cannot do anywhere near as well as we did in BlOps 2 or MW3... we had between 2-6 KD's and very high SPM's, now we're lucky to hold a 2 KD with a 2000+ average score. It's gotten far worse since update 1.03, it's just horrible.

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