high stats + gold maverick = hacker

Ghosts PlayStation 3

so yesterday i woke up did what i needed to do then jumped online to pay the new dlc at around 11am i was going to try get my maverick gold. 4 hours later it was done but as soon as i get a final killcam with the gold gun

your a hack your a hacker. people leave call you names ( i don't care about the names at all!!)

i pre fire someone running through the bar coming into kitchen on strike zone for the final kill cam and in i hacker i said look at my perks DS and amplify help dramatically in this game!!

just wondering if anyone else has been slated for being a high rank or having the maverick gold yet??? TBO it was the easiest gun to get gold out of all of the assault rifles and sags.  the cbj-ms shoots paper balls!!!!

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HAlf our clan has gold maverick.. Complete the objectives and you can too.. If its the only gun u use and u play alot it doesnt takelong unless your unskilled.. Aint no hacking  its fairly easy

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LAgg is ruining aplify.. Time u hear it they are on you.. Get a good headset if u rely on amp

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scotty you aint no hacker but you are a beast lol


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