hit markers with choppers and helos? on hardcore

Ghosts PlayStation 3

takes about 7-8 hits to kill a person on hardcore? why?

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I think your 7-8 hits is extremely over-exaggerated, unless you're hitting through a thick wall from a long distance. If it's a clean shot it should only take 2-3 hits to kill people in HC modes.

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believe me i am not lying

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It doesn't take that many shots. In hardcore you have limited health and more bullet damage.

IT would be easier to kill someone in hardcore even with the terrible assault streaks. In fact it doesn't even take that many shots to kill someone in core.

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Maybe he is confused as to what a hitmarker is. lol

Na. you guys are confused, he is referring to helicopters and 8 hitmarkers seem about right to take down a helo on hardcore.

ANYWHO hijack,.


Not only can I not create a new thread, this game is the worst for me ever.  I can't  kill anyone, see anyone until I'm dead, or anyhow even have any killing on my part at all. I know I'm a good shot, but I never get to win a gunfight.

What the H377 is wrong with me and this dang game?

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no i am talking about trying to kill people with the helo on hardcore, i wouldnt just make a topic about it for the sake of it

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I have run into the same issue a couple times now when shooting someone with my helo and I have hit someone close to 10 times in the open on hardcore before they dropped......with no vests on

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I use the honey badger with the single fire attchment, and I only play hardcore. It is always a one bullet kill, unless I am lagging, the enemy is wearing a vest, hit detection fails or they are a long way off. In those situations it can be 2, 3, maybe 4 bullets. Never 7-8. Not saying you are lying, but if you are correct then I can only guess you are suffering severe lag, and what you see on screen isn't really what happened in the eyes of the host, beit dedicated server or another player.

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