im in clan and got invited by other clan

Ghosts PlayStation 3

How can i get back to my old clan on ghost, i got app and says im in the old clan=/

how can leave the clan? when says im in the old clan=/ on ghost app.

one though is take long time before they got update that are in new clan have I right? 

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you can't leave a clan now

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The Ghosts clan rosters and the BO2/MW3 clan rosters are completely separate.  If you are showing that you are in your old clan in Ghosts that would be because you were still in your old clan when your clan leader reserved your Ghost clan roster.  So basically you are already in your old clan as far as Ghosts is concerned and don't have to do anything unless you want to rejoin your old clan in BO2/MW3.

However, if I've completely misunderstood and you want to leave the Ghost clan that you are being shown as being a member of, you will need the COD app and a device that it is compatible with.  Once you have the app, you can go to My Clan and then look in the upper right hand part of the screen for the helmet with an arrow going to the left.  Press that and you will leave the clan.

COD app:

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ye ty but other  problem im in clan  but cant see clan details anymore why is that we was lvl 7

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