laggy multiplayer?

Ghosts PlayStation 3

hi, i dont really know but looks like after DLC multiplayer got more laggy, I thought its my connection but I spend whole day today in game and a lot of same LAG problem appeared for many player around the globe, anyone over here had same problem. and DLC maps are very laggy , blayer just quit the loby, or host connection lost. looks like Activision doesnt do any job to get it fixed. so sad that they sold the game and additional maps but dont really care about quality of gaming.

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Hmm.  I thought it was just the dlc maps!?  But yeah, a lot of lag and host migration, along with near constant stuttering!?

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I've only been playing the Onslaught DLC and there's been steady host migrations and a lot of lag. It'll probably clear up in about a week... I hope.

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