stop dieing so fast, I can't even get my kill confirmed, BRO!?

Ghosts PlayStation 3

There's nothing worse than hoofing it across the map to get a kill confirmed tag, only to have it disappear into thin air, especially if you're only twenty feet away!?  Why do they HAVE to dissappear at some point, it's very aggravating!?

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Bro, tags disappear when the person who dropped the tag a second time

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I think in BO2 the tags would timeout after a certain amount of time whereas in IW games the tag disappears if the same guy dies again.  I prefer the way 3arc did it because sometimes you don't even get 10 seconds before the tag disappears which sucks.

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The tags should disappear after the second death. They did the same in BO2. I just tested it and watched it on video mode. If they didn't disappear then it would be like COD meets MS PAC-MAN

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Wasn't it like that in early MW3?

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