well this is shitty...

Ghosts PlayStation 3

Unable to connect to Call of Duty Ghost mid west PS3 servers. I'm running on Google fiber with fully capable router.

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But you can sign into PSN, right?

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I have a Wired PS3 with OPEN NAT that is giving me the same error message. I've restarted both the router and the System. not sure what to do at this point.

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That's really messed up. I have a wired PS3 set up too, open nat and cable internet but it seems to be working ok so far.

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Yeah, also open NAT, was able to play the last 2 days, my PS3 is connected wireless to my router (dont have a cable long enough to play wired) and now I get an error while all of my friends can play as they like... I did restart my router (multiple times) and also my PS3, and the game, and still I get this error.

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