what affect will this assault/support glitch have on clan wars?

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I been seeing a lot of the assault/support glitch lately just wondering how will this affect those of us who don't glitch in clan wars?

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I See this like every 3 rd match, I'm guessing if they don't patch the hacks clan wars will be a joke.

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IMO the only game mode where it is a factor in the outcome is DOM.  If its TDM,KC, Cranked or whatever then we just all go inside and resume the match when the helo is gone.  No harm done usually.  It is very annoying on Prison Break cause there aren't many places to hide.  Almost every single one we have ran into ended negative at the end of the match anyway. 

I do agree this should be taken care of immediately though cause it won't be too long and you will see whole clans with this equipped.  Usually it is only 1 or 2 people on the other team. 

I hope the reason y this latest update is taking so long to release is because they r working on hacks like this 1.  But i have my doubts.

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