40+ Kills in TDM?

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Re: 40+ Kills in TDM?

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I had two games today go 42 kills and one 46 kills. I never camp. My tactic is to generally keep my back to a wall as I move around the map so an enemy can't surprise me from behind. Paying attention to the mini-map is key too. If you're facing a bunch of blue triangles, chances are the enemy is spawning where the blue triangles aren't. Know the main paths that players run. For example on Freight if they're spawning junkyard side then they'll be travelling up on the crates or bottom Porter building to center map. My class for 30+ kills per game is this

AK-12 with grip and suppressor

No lethal, tactical, or secondary.

Sleight of Hand/Dead Silence




Ready Up


Sentry Gun, Super Hind, Helo Pilot/LOKI

Always stay moving, learn to use your weapon proficiently(recoil, range v. damage, ADS time, mobility, wall penetration ability, reload time, etc.), learn to reload cancel, reload tactically, call in streaks tactically, know where you're gonna put your Sentry before you pull it out, high ground is better than low ground in almost every scenario, watch for the death symbol left by dead teammates, and always check your corners.

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Re: 40+ Kills in TDM?

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It seems to work for most lol.  Man I hate those guys.  Good on you though.

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Re: 40+ Kills in TDM?

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amplify .... well yes i would say you do camp abit maybe for that last or first streak. and wat maps are you playing? most of them are huge back against the wall well that only implies one notion. get my drift . 

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Re: 40+ Kills in TDM?

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In order to get a high amount of kills in TDM you need two things, bad teammates that do not get that many kills, and tactics that work against the enemy team.

I've had games with high amount of kills when i'm rushing with a shotgun, and also when i'm camping or patrolling with my AR.

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Re: 40+ Kills in TDM?

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I consistently get games like 25-7 on TDM and so forth and am usually top on the scoreboard by quite a large margin.  I only use real basic assault streaks, so maybe that person got a good assault streak going and that helped them.  I'd be surprised to see anyone get that many kills with just their gun/lethals and even with a few dogs called in.  I haven't seen scores like you mentioned, ever..you probably wont see it too often either.

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Re: 40+ Kills in TDM?

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Sounds like to me you haven't learned these horrible spawns yet..

Not saying this is the only way, but there are guys (myself included) that know how to take advantage of the way IW likes to respawn you close to enemies with their crazy spawn system. In TDM and Cranked where the only goal is to get kills, this can be taken advantage of pretty easy. Hopefully future patches will correct this but I wouldn't count on it.

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Re: 40+ Kills in TDM?

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I've gotten that before. Its easier in hard core. Battle Hind, Helo, Loki. The kills streaks are the one's that get the most kills after that.(Helo)

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Re: 40+ Kills in TDM?

i've got a video of me going 38-6 and another of me going 45-12 i think.  i have gone 45 and under 10 before.

i did it by knowing where they were going and cutting them off repeatedly

ak12 grip muzzle or silencer



sleight of hand

ready up



trinity missile

super hind

chopper gunner

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Re: 40+ Kills in TDM?

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Its do-able without camping cuz i did it twice, first i went 43-2 and the other game was 42-6 both in the same map, it is possible if you play in a map where the other team cant hide too much just like StoneHaven where i did pooled off my scores, first of all you gotta get ur killstreak fast, mine was and still set up this way, 1 - Trinity Rocket 2 - Choper 3 - Helo Pilot so where you gonna get most of your kills is with the Helo Pilot so if you start the game and get ur streaks with ur first kills you are good to go so what happened for me is i got my killstreaks 2x so i end up with 40+ kills AND without camping...just for the record my tdm kdr is 2.94 and i run and gun all the time

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Re: 40+ Kills in TDM?

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Do you need to camp? No

You do need to do 1 if not 2 of the following:

1 - play smart: not chasing enemies, not running out to the middle of open areas, not staying still in the exact same place the whole time (unless the enemy is trying to get you from the low ground and the exact same path)

2 - use streaks that will rack up kills (helps when the enemy keeps running out in front of sentries as an example)

If someone gets 30+ legit kills in TDM, it does not matter how they played: camp, rush, stick and move, hide...  the problem is not them, it is you. Period.  Be it lag, bad play, bad team, whatever. The problem is not them.

And trust me, when I do bad in TDM, I at least have the balls and maturity to now it is me or on my end.  I do not cry that the other team "did this or that".  I curse at the fact I do not have the head pro enjoyment for TDM, so I move on.  When I do play and decide to play smart, I do much better. But that is rare when I want to employ that style of play (that is just me)

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