40+ Kills in TDM?

Ghosts PlayStation 4

Im seeing people with 40+ kills in TDM,  how the heck do you pull that off?   For the most part i dont even SEE an enemy player 40 times in a match to even be able to kill that many.,  Shoot im lucky if i see an enemy 25 times on a normal size map

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Most of them camp. I saw an ally camper go 37-2. The final killcam was him and guess what? He was hiding in a bush with a giant lmg equipped with silencer and tracker sight. The only way to get that many kills in a match is either A.) Camp or B.) Be pro at the game.

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No, to get BIG scores in TDM you need some help from your Kill Streaks. That's all. You don't need to camp, and you don't need to be pro. Just play smart and cross your fingers your lobby connection is good.

There is no secret.  

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Campers are the only types I have seen fetch close to 40 kills in a single TDM match so far. This game is seemingly custom designed for campers, as the majority of the community seem to find a spot and set up camp - I've never seen camping so rife.

The most kills I have achieved in a single TDM game thus far was 32, via running-and-gunning.

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Agreed, When I first got ghosts my kd was horrible. I figured out that the problem was I was running and gunning. I slowed down a bit and now my kd is well over 1.0 . I have to be in between camping and running and gunning. Its not very fun...

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That has to be close to the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You don't get 40 kills in tdm while camping. The ONLY way you can get 40 kills in tdm is rushing/playing tactically.

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I agree. Camping usually results in low kill counts. It's a boring game style for me.

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Not true, we have 3 members in our clan that can go 22 - 0 or 32 - 0 rushing around with Honey badgers. They do have Maniac equpped though and use that streak stealthy

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not true buddy ,i managed 40-2 in hardcore tdm , killstreaks were assult 7,9,12 on overlord the choppers teared it up was close to my first k.e.m but failed ,and if i camped towards earning those streaks i would of only got 1 set , i got 3 sets (double in 1 life). but yes certain maps campers paradise , play hc dom!

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I Did 38-1 on tdm best score I've had on Tdm usually 25 kills is a good Tdm game for me useless My teammates are terrible.

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