5 Reasons CoD Ghosts Is Bad

Ghosts PlayStation 4

1. For an outdated engine.

2. Because they all feel and ARE basically the same.

3. Good idea actually to mix things up.

4. Except you barely notice the difference. OHHHHH I have fake grenades on my belt instead of pouches! OHHHHHH now my dude is wearing a BROWN helmet instead of a BLACK one. Too bad I can't even see my own feet.

5. Like the elevator in stormfront. But why go through all that bother when you can just climb the rocks behind it? The doors in freight. Why even use those if someone can open them from the other side or could just walk 5ft to the side where another opening is that leads to the exact same room.

Spawns are atrocious and I commonly spawn INSIDE people on strikezone. Sorry to sound like a jerk but it's true.

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Oh that sux you feel that way, glad " I'm not in your boat ",( or your team )  Seems like a good place to vent your frustration.

I posted a video it's called I'm the man you should check it out lol

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The first thing that has to be realized is everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you think the game sucks, then thats your opinion and I respect it. Not enough folks doing that on these forums.

With that in mind, my feelings on Ghost are short and simple. I love a lot of aspects of the game and I play it more then any other CoD at the moment. The game is a 3/5 for me and would be a 4/5 if they would resolve the lag comp, respawns, OP dogs, and please please for the love of God stop putting me in a huge map for Cranked! Cranked is a game mode meant to be played fast and in a small to medium sized map, so why do you have the option to play it on siege or chasm. Seriously?

Other then that, I like the game. Its really simple. If you like it, good, keep playing. If you don't, good, then stop playing. Stop paying and stop playing. Very simple.

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I don't understand this "every gun kills in 2-3 bullets". From what I've seen most guns kill in 3-4 shots as long as you are in the prime range, unless there is a headshot in there. The guns that do kill in 1-2 shots are the ones you expect to kill that quickly. Statistically the guns do pretty much the same damage as what the guns in mw3 did when I looked at the charts. The main difference is that the bullets register a lot more accurately and reliably in Ghosts. Blast shield isn't broken, works just fine. If they made it stronger, i.e. resist more damage, it would be OP. If you want more explosive resistance stack blast shield with ballistic vests, gives you the added benefit of bullet resistance too. I don't like the maps much myself either, as most are larger than I like with way too much open area, but my judgement is skewed because I'm a rusher and like cover. In the end, I think ghosts has done a lot of things right, but there are things that could have been done better. I like the game, it is very fun when you get a good lobby, but when you don't get a good lobby it's one of the worst games I've ever played. You have to take the good and bad together and determine which is more prevalent for you. For me, the good outweighs the bad *usually* so I keep playing.

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dead cod ghosts is sick its better than aw way better aw is sci fi but its still sick

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Nope, I do not agree.

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Call of duty sucks in general.  I don't know who wants to play a respawn war game.  and the rank up weapons and other gear make long time players OP to someone new.   It is not much a game of skill or strategy but more of an arcade game, run a gun get a headache game.  I'll be glad when PS4 makes another socom game so I won't half to troll call of duty sites cause its funner than actually playing ANY version of call of duty.    dull, boring, respawning arcade game.

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The ***** are you talking about??
1. If you lag, it doesn't mean it's your internet connection.
2. The weapons are not killing with 2-3 shots. Maybe 5 or 6 weapons are, but there's a lot , which aren't.
3. Even if a lot of people would use only riot shield and c4 (they aren't), they are not cheating. If you are not a noob, you can still kill them or use the same weapons yourself.
4. If you don't like blastshield, DON'T USE IT!! It doesn't say blast damage won't hurt you.
5. Still if you are not a noob, you can kill them. If they camp, they are noobs, who can't kill without being a camper. Be better than them.

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The game is ridden with IEDs, the game forces camping to be the meta. The killstreaks have too high of health and too low of usage time. The perks aren’t as effective as other titles. Squad members are overpowered. Guard dogs are overpowered. Lmgs are overpowered. Motion sensors are overpowered. The maps are garbage and uninteresting, too many camp spots. The marksman rifles shouldn’t be completely swayless. Blast shield is the biggest missed opportunity in the game, why structure the game where it’s explosive-oriented and have blast shield be useless? Thermal scopes and tracker sights are beyond overpowered. Panic knifing is beyond broken. You lunge too far regardless of your health. You die too fast to make the weapons actually balanced. This game is literally for the worst cod players to succeed and for the skillful players to not be rewarded. No wonder nobody plays this game anymore. Video games that are good are timeless. This is garbage.
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