5 Reasons CoD Ghosts Is Bad

Ghosts PlayStation 4

Maybe its your game mode or who you play with because I rarely see them in s and r on Xbox one.

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Well you have an xbox, well there is probably not that much of a difference. But i play Domination and Search and Destroy. There are always alot of clans that join the games as riot shielders and throw c4

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I play ghosts on 360, PS3, Ps4 and Xbox One and can tell you i never see c4 and riot shields, maybe certain gametypes like snd snr, but not really anything else, you might just be unlucky lol

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I disagree.

1. I hardly ever lag. It's not much of an issue for me or my boyfriend.

2. They seem pretty balanced to me.

3. I've played hundreds of games and a variety of game modes from hardcore to core and I think the most I saw any riot shields was this weekend. There was a pair running around with riot shields and it couldn't have been easier to pick them off.

4. Haven't noticed any "broken perks". I run blast shield in core and in hardcore game modes and the only time I did with the first hit is from a grenade launcher. I think the funniest thing was when I stood overtop of an enemies I.M.S. and just shot it until I killed it and I never died. A teammate of mine actually yelled out on the microphone "Our teammate is hacking!!! He's standing on top of an I.M.S and not dying".

5. I really enjoy the larger maps. I think its nice that the maps are more dynamic than just the standard 3 lanes: right, left, and center.

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1) I rarely run into lag issues

2)Weapons are fairly balanced. A lot of people have been having success with the LMG laser M27 lately though

3) Teams in objective modes, especially during clan wars have been running the riot shield/c4 combo a lot. Tonight I grinded a bunch of games in core and HC. I maybe had one or two games without the riot shield combo. Blast shield may work in core, but riot shield/c4(with someone using it well) is near unstoppable. Blast shield doesn't work in HC, other than from ridiculous distances. An organized team with 2 players running riot/c4 while the others have their back (ran into this combo far too often tonight) could be called strategy, but its just exploitation.

4) the blast shield comment above deals with this. If not, I have seen people in hardcore put up 87 kill games just running with grenade launchers. In core they don't hold much weight, but they should do something with them in hardcore. HC dom can net you 4-6 kills before you ever have to pull out a gun.

5)The larger maps can be nice, but they would be a lot better if they never put in the obvious camp spots in them. This is a run and gun "arcade" type shooter, always has been. Some of these maps seem like an attempt to move out of the games comfort zone. Larger maps just give you more campers and slower game play. Players that want the "real" sniping experience play battlefield. 90% of sniper rifles in the past CoD games have been used as quick scopes. Campers were always bad enough, and sniper rifles were rarely used as intended, so was it really that good of an idea to cater to those game styles?  The developers should just stick to what made CoD famous in the first place, and maybe changing from that isn't the best idea?

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I'm playing on PS4 and i see Riot and C4 almost every matches so yeah

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1. community

2. community

3. community

4 community

5 no elite support (even if there were flaws I still enjoyed the stats)

a large percentage of this community will NEVER be happy with ANYTHING ! to  me that is the biggest reason why COD: Ghosts is bad

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Not noticed the lag problem. But have noticed way too many realism problems. How can someone run through your bullets and knife you. You shoot people in the head when that all you can see of them and they don't die. You have an enemy bang to rights, you open up on him, he  fires his weapon into the floor and you die. The teams are not balanced correctly. Just played a game tonight with one side filled with non prestige players against a team full of multi prestige players.  All around it's a poor entry in the series, rushed out for PS4. I know it's a game but a bit of realism would not go amiss. The whole series has suffered from these problems and more but for the sake of the bottom line profit these problems are not addressed.

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1. I barely ever lagged unless someone in the house was watching netflix or something.

2. All the guns feel the same to me :/ They sound fake and lame and all are basically the same in my hands.

3. I barely saw anyone with either.

4. Ehh, I never really used it so I couldn't tell you.

5. All the maps are random paths all over the place and multiple buildings to be sniped from.

    But what do I know? I just quit the game to go to Bf4 and I don't regret doing so either.

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Five Reasons why Ghosts is good!

1 - Graphics are at the most highest detail

2 - Everything in the game with perks, streaks , guns I believe ARE balanced

3 - Field orders

4 - Multiple character customization

5 - Destructive maps/ inter-active

Lag , Spawns will always over shadow these highlights. I don't understand how to give advice on these issues, I work with trucks and machines -not computer tech savvy

Maybe it's just me, but I complain about the Ghillie suit with players running without sniper rifles off the mark,and paying for campaign mode which I never play.Player stats could be a little bit better.

Your opening paragraph quotes "  Im a CoD Fanatic. I've been playing it for years, and have experienced every CoD game." Like most of us.

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