Best Call of Duty game


Ghosts PlayStation 4

Black Ops 1 was the peak of Call of Duty.

The campaign was something fresh and different from the tired old formulas we have seen in COD games.

Zombies was at the peak of its' powers in this game. Brought back all the WaW maps and had fresh new maps to boot. Ascension was one of my favourites along with Kino, Der Riese & Zombies Arcade.

Multiplayer in Black Ops 1 had a good skill gap and probably the least BS in that time period. Maps like Firing Range & WMD were gritty and fitted well into the futuristic game design. Aside from the choppy connection at times, Last Stand & the powerful Ghost perk this game was exactly how a game should be. Maybe a buff to SMGs would have been nice.

How anyone can name the cancers that were MW3 or Blops 2 is beyond me.

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Black Ops 1 was by far the best CoD and anyone that disagrees is a tard

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How could anyone disagree when you present such a compelling and articulate argument?  Your mastery of the Call of Duty series is dwarfed only by your command of the English language.

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Simple. They could disagree by being a retard. Who needs personal opinion when we have his lordship to tell us what we should and shouldn't like?

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By far cod4 best and most fun out of any game, Awesome maps great guns and balancing except for m16 was op but not game ruining,

BO1 was not the peak cod 4 was definitely the peak for the franchise. IW went downhill from there and treyarch games plateaued.  BO1 had its issues and felt like a whole new cod. MW3 worst cod, laggy, bad community and overpowered guns with poor patches.

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The best call of dutys from best to worst



1.Call of duty Black ops 2

2.Call of duty Modern Warfare 3

3.Call of duty Modern warfare 2

4.Call of duty Black ops 3

5.Call of duty Modern warfare Remastered

6.Call of duty Black ops 1

7.Call of duty Infinite warfare

8.Call of duty Ghosts

9.Call of duty Advanced warfare

10.Call of duty World at wat

11.Call of dutyFinest hour

12.Call of duty Classic

13.Call of duty Big red one

14.Call of duty United offensive

15.Call of duty 1

16.Call of duty Roads to victory

17.Call of duty 2

18.Call of duty 3

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Reason: Extintion, enjoy the fact maps are beatable and I can actually feel like I'm making some kind progress, zombies is fun at first always can enjoy it but it always bothers me that you can't beat any of the maps, I feel as if I never make progress just keep doing the same thing over and over again to get no where and once I'm done playing or after playing a couple I feel that I have wasted alot of time, but out of online going around killling people I enjoy advanced warfare, fast paste and you have to constantly watch everywhere, front, back, sides, over you, and at times even underneath yourself, Oh also really enjoy the squads mode on ghost with having your own personal well squad and blitz I have always found fun take off equipment and set yourself up with all the right perks to make that score you can always pick up a dropped gun if you need to but I do really enjoy stabbing especially when they least exspect it. So yap pretty much a ghost guy, I find the campaign pretty fun too especially with headphones on and having it be as if I was actually there. Love Extintion.

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Modern warefare 2 hands down everyone says the same thing minus the noobtubes and painkiller and we have ourselves the best call of duty game ever made in the history of call of duty!!! I would pay 200$ just to have it on the next gen consoles but unfortunately call of duty is going in the complete wrong direction with this "new", "innovative" crap that they are cringerly making! I am afraid in a couple years time there will be a new age of call of duty instead it wont be called call of duty it will be called battlefield. 


Ps. I actually bought infinite warfare legacy edition just to play modern warfare remarsted! I havnt played infinite warfare at all yet cause i know its the same "new","innovative" crap.

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Mine is not easily decided, therefor a tie. I love Modern warfare 3 and Black ops 2, i would put both as a tie. Campaigns were both amazing, multiplayer was amazing for both, and the third mode for both were good, spec ops and zombies.


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