Changing icons in the mini map

Ghosts PlayStation 4


i was watching Seth from Optic gaming playing a competitive snd game and i thought about something


wouldnt it be cool if the triangle icon on the mini map representing you and your team could be changed.

for exemple. having the icon be an S for Seth, an N for Nadeshot, a C for clayster and a P for proofay.

this way you can know who exactly is near you without having to ask

since each player has a specific role, you can know that your teamate beside you is going to plant the bomb

this gives you more time to react in game

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It would only work in SnD , You would probably find that to much time is spent on looking at the mini map, there short rounds anyways, I personally, would rather eyes on the screen and players can just say heading towards A , I would have a rough idea where they at

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