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I have the same issue and thought I would do a small test. I played for a week with the best connection I can get which is 20 down 5 up and a ping of 30 ms to the south of France, (I live in UK).

Not very good gaming experience at all. Not too bad when playing solo but in a party of two or more horrendous.

Change my upload only to 426 kbps, the game is a different game. Still more difficult in a party of two or more but still playable.

I know it makes no sense but this is what I have experienced over the space of more than 3 or 4 days testing.

I also know there are other variables and am aware that for some people with great fast connections the game plays great but for me I have to throttle my upload.

The difference is like night and day, full speed most games I will be lucky to get a kdr of above 0.5 (tdm and kc)

throttled I am averaging a kdr of 1+

Not very scientific but just my observations.

Cheers Happy hunting.

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Re: Ghosts Lag

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my fps issues is so bad.. I got fps drops at every matches and throughout the matches as well

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Re: Ghosts Lag

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Suffering from horrendous lag compensation since the update.. [the whole magazine not killing someone and getting downed by a running enemy just looking at you type thing]. anyone else??

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Re: Ghosts Lag

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After the update yesterday, horrible lag and drops from game.  Also frame rate issues are the worst they have ever been.  I have a 34mb down and 5.6 up.  This is truly unacceptable!

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Re: Ghosts Lag

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ImJiiive wrote:

Will the Lag ever get fixed?

Expect it to get worse as the game gets older, less people play it and the DLC will divide the players into smaller pools. The game did run pretty good on the 4 for me until they started patching it in late January, now it's way too inconsistent and filled with shoot first and die type of gameplay and other WTF-situations.

This is purely speculation, but i wouldn't be surprised if the recent lag problem would be caused by looser matchmaking criteria so that the people with bad connections who live in the middle of nowhere can also get into lobbies.... Sure does feel like it when you see more and more people skipping and teleporting across the map, and see people from the opposite edges of Europe as well as from different continents in the same lobbies all the time.

There's nothing we can do, you either take it or stop playing. I've stopped almost completely and only play a few times a week, or less.

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Re: Ghosts Lag

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Typically I get the shoot first/die first more when playing in parties and less when I play solo. I seriously doubt that most of the games I play are on dedicated servers though because there is too much variation from game to game even staying in the same lobby.

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