Good PS4 Gaming Headsets?

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I have to agree with few comments. I started off with the gold wireless. They broke in 2 weeks.  Think it has something to do with the folding . The wire inside came loose twice. Then I bought the tb px4 and for the 120 I paid at best buy they were 10 times better than the gold wireless. Nice features and great sound. The only thing I didnt like was plugging in to controller. I had to jump up a few times and ripped the wire out of headset or controller. I just got the astro a50s 2 weeks ago. I bought them because the headset is completely wireless. They are awesome.  I honestly liked the px4s alot . But the astros are unbelievable.  If your on a tight budget get the px4.  For the money they blow all the others in that price range outta the water.

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Well it all depends on I guess your play style if that makes any sense. Its hard for me to explain it but i'll try. Do you want to just hear foot steps or hear just about everything. Turtle Beaches are good don't get me wrong but I think Astro headsets are WAY better. Don't ever buy a Tritton headset because they have the worst customer service and set up process of any headset i've ever owned. But like I said your better off just spending the extra money on the Astro's.

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I have the Trittons and I absolutely love them. 

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I just bought the ps4 gold wireless , they work very nice , too loud though , I hear the ghosts limited edition , wireless are really nice but there 300$ usd lol ouch , ill just wait

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nice , says there sold out

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Looks decent for $40.

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im selling it for $35 firm shipped. its brand new without box. email me at ifanyone is interested

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Well ive been doing homework on ps4 compatible headsets within a $120 budget and heres what im down to after finding out the ps gold headset is crap for cod due to the poor base. Btw both of these are currently available brand new on amazon for $100-$105 us with free shipping. Wired: turtle beach dpx21 7.1 surround sound headset, features a in line amplifier as well as a surround sound enabler/amplifier. This headset has build quality concerns from some reviewers but the 7.1 sound quality and potential base volume is incredible for the price point, wired is the way to go for consistency. Wireless: turtle beach px4 5.1 surround sound headphones, requires chat cable attached to controller for chat so not truly wireless on ps4, prone to interference, battery dependance and audio drops, wireless reciever is bulky and needs own power supply.

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poor bass?? the bass is way too loud -_-

the playstation gold wireless is the best headset you can get for its cost..

i use myself an astro mixamp with a sennheiser pc350 and loving it, but its way more expensive then a playstation gold headset

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