Good PS4 Gaming Headsets?

Ghosts PlayStation 4

Here is all you need

you can sound whore alot - and superlux is only a fake of beyerdynamics.

But the price ist very okay for them.

If you need a mic use the samson low price good quality.

And google first for Hifi vs Gaming headsets.

Gaming headsets have mostly a high price - and its just all about licenses - and the money form mommy and daddy

Superlux HD681EVO Headphones: Musical Instruments

Samson Go Mic Clip On USB Microphone: Musical Instruments

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My favorite games include DEVIL may cry 5, Bloodborne, Shadow fo the Tomb Rider and more. List of best Wired & wireless gaming headset under 100 dollars. Check out this list of high quality gaming headset for PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox one, PC, Mac.

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some good comments but id like to add my 2 cents. if youre a hardcore gamer who plays for hours on end and dont want to have to charge your headset while playing go for a wired headset.

ive owned the regular ax720 for 2 years and they're still working except that the headband split ( i just used some black tape to tape it back together) and the decoder box kept switching off at random (turns out the ac adapter was faulty. i replaced it with a $10 universal ac adapter).

Would i buy the newer ax720+ maybe but id have to do some research first. one thing for sure is i would never buy a wireless headset. but thats just my opnion btw.

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I'm doing some research on headsets at the moment, as I've never owned one for gaming before (honestly I only started playing CoD in November last year, and for half of the time since I used my TV speakers). Question: can these high end headsets be plugged directly into the DS4, while still putting out surround sound? I don't really know why, but I get the feeling that you'd need to be wired into the TV to receive the full benefits, and that plugging into the 3.5mm jack on the controller would give you a lesser quality of sound

Saying that, I'm only using a cheap pair of Phillips in-ears with supposed 'virtual surround sound' right now, simply plugged into my controller for convenience, and I still get a good sense of direction from footsteps, gunshots and other sounds.

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I use sony pulse,  im happy with them, not that expensive and I think the sounds great i can definitely hear the direction of footsteps. I got them at the time because sony had just done a patch for the ps4 so I could use them wireless,  +  they were on offer. Oh and the base impact is funky too. I've had them a year and they are still good as new. Its the first headset ive owned, im guessing there are much better ones to go for but cost and reliability I thought they were great.

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I know they are expensive but the new second gen Astro A50s that were just released are amazing! They sound awesome fit great and they are Wireless. But like I said are kind of pricy. But you get what you pay for.

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Tritton Kunai's, around 60$ US on Amazon. The only downside is you have to plug them into your controller, but the sound is crystal clear. Comes with a detachable mic and pretty durable. I was used to using 150$ + headsets but these work as well as the pair I had for PS3.

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Do research into the newer Bluetooth models that are actually Playstation 4 compatible.

PX4's are OK but unless I am mistaken they still aren't fully compatible - you need to plug the patch lead into the controller for audio. That being said you can buy pretty much any 7.1 or 5.1 headset and use them via that method.

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I did a lot of research before buying mine. The only issue was that my budget was quite low so I was looking to get a good value compared to a high-spec headset. In the end, I went for the Turtle Beach Ear Force P12 through the Field of Sound​​. But the official wireless PS4 Gold headset would be a safe choice for your kind of budget!

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I've heard a lot good things about Sony headset. One of my friends plays online a lot and uses a Turtle Beach headset. He bought it from Amazon, and this headset has a wide range of price and models. But its sound quality is really amazing, I'm falling in love with this headset but my budget is very low. I can't afford it. So I ordered AFUNTA gaming headset after reading some review.

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