I Am Looking For Players To Add.

Ghosts PlayStation 4

Hello, I'm GameBro[Crazy]Jeremy. I am brand new to the community and would like to add people to play with. I am a nice guy, experienced (back where I previously played call of duty: ghost on, I had a 2.3 W/L, Prestige 10, and a 1.5 K/D ratio), and I get along well. I'm looking for older teens - older adults to play with (I have nothing against kids, I just like playing with older players), and I would recommend you have good stats (I am very competitive to win games) but I'm okay with adding players below average, I'm struggling as well (K/D wise), so I can relate to those who have below stats. Shoot me your PSN. You can add my PSN account which is GameBroJeremy. Just make sure you put in the message box “I [you] am from the forums” or something like that so that I don't assume you are a random person. I look forward to playing with you all. Have a nice day.

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