Is anyone else dissatisfied with the all the campers on PS4?

Ghosts PlayStation 4

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh phxs stop telling them how to play. I prefer my easy targets easy and fast.

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I find it interesting that folks consider ghosts to be a game that is intended to be fast-paced rushing all the time.  Does the game not actually encourage you to get prone kills (surely they don't expect us all to be drop-shot masters), crouch kills, and lean kills?  Try as I might, I simply can't find a way to get lean kills without stopping long enough to lean around a corner.  How long is too long?  At what point is it camping?

I've got 1500 caps and 8500 defends in domination.  Oddly, the game keeps giving me bonus points for defending the flag.  Seems to me that, if they wanted us to rush all the time, they'd only give points for caps.

If I play TDM and go 5-2, you're welcome!!!  I helped my team AND I left all those kills for you to snag and post on youtube!  Again, you're welcome!

There are game modes that force people to move.  If TDM is too campy for you, go play Cranked!  Did you know that Cranked players EXPLODE if they don't keep moving to get more kills???  How's that for a gratifying karmic response to those pesky campers?

But for the love of all that is holy, please stop flaming folks who camp on Domination.  The game mode is built for teams of attackers and defenders.  Pissing and moaning about campers on Domination just tells me you want non-rushers to sprint in your direction (you'd be playing Cranked if you didn't mind going rusher vs. rusher) and you want to be able to rack up a ton of kills (you complain about matches hitting time-limit but don't like modes with a kill-cap).

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I appreciate anyone that plays the objective. In TDM, laying prone in a corner is pointless, but I can't stand playing Dom, fighting hard to capture a flag (I usually take the pusher role on the team, being on the front line so to speak), only for everyone else on the team to follow me and leave our flags vulnerable. Or if we have one flag and I'm defending because the other team are *stupidly* trying to triple cap (please don't encourage the bad spawns haha), but then everyone else defends with me and the other team continues building their lead with two flags lol

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Ps: try the tactical controller layout, it's great for dropshotting and feels much more satisfying than a panic sword lunge when the poor other guy has already shot you 3 times (this happens to me a lot; the melee click seems to disregard whether or not you've killed the enemy, because you're locked in that stupid death animation before you're actually dead, like with the dog)

"Camping" is definitely acceptable in Dom (it's not really camping, if you're defending). But what I can't stand more than anything are people camping in Kill Confirmed!!!

Fortunately obj play is being rewarded now since the Dom/KC hotfix, so I can continue to punish campers with easier assault streaks and specialist bonuses

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the only problem I have with people that camp are the ones who use tubes with danger close and blast shield on.   biggest babies out there.  I have not prob with campers because they stay in there spot and I just go back and kill them over and over and over and over and over....

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Basically the game is either for you or its not, but I can understand that it can get very very frustrating sometimes when you die from people playing with cheap tactics or cheap attachments.

What I like to do is play a private match with veteran bots to challenge myself. These are bots that are better then the majority of people online, and to win those matches is very satisfying. Some of them camp themselves, but its mostly an action packed game that will help anyone become a better player. I would suggest doing the same from time to time.

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Good tip. I started playing Vet bots in my first week or so of having the game, since the spawns were so unpredictable, and I wanted to learn them before jumping in online again. One or two of the bots will have a sniper rifle or an LMG and sit in a corner somewhere...on lower difficulties they're easy to pick off, but on Veteran they have cat-like reflexes and great recoil management, so you work on your own anti-camper reflexes while earning a few squad points and learning the spawns and common routes.

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I love reading the "campers arent very good comment."  When our team is holding down an area in HCTDM and we win by 40, we get told also then we arent very good. I dont dictate to people what they feel fun is. If you want to run around, awesome.  Do that.  If you want to hold down an area, awesome.  Do that.  Seems to me that if it was so easy to destroy these players, it wouldn't be any type of topic.  Trust me, I dont see ANY topics titled " We destroyed those 0.50kdr guys, this is upsetting"

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If you and your team communicate in order to shut the enemy team out and dominate, fair enough. If you hide in some dark corner away from the action, you're wasting a spot in a lobby.

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Just tried to play domination.   My team camped the starting spawn on free fall and never moved except for two of us.  We capped b alone and that was the game.  The enemies never came to take b.  They did camp their spawn so that if you tried to come in they got you.  I backed out.  Easy win but who the hell wants to sit for 10 minutes?

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