Looking for new clan members for SOH (Sins of Humanity)

Ghosts PlayStation 4

Hey there our clan the SOH is looking for new members, anyone over the age of 16, who has a headset(if you don't have one at least try to get one within 2 months of joining) and can be a real team player, we are currently looking for sponsors as well but need more members first. We have the band Rebel Revive allowing us to feat. their music in our videos on our youtube page. There is room for advancement to higher ranks in our clan. Each one of our clan members has their preferred weapon of choice, so if there is a weapon you are not good at but would like to learn it better, we do trainings weekly. So please check out our website at sinsofhumanity.iclanwebsites.com and if you decide to join please apply, and because we are the sins on humanity you would have to change your name to SOH-(insert the name of a sin or a twist on the 7 deadly sins) Examples: Sloth, Pride, Gluttney, Envy, we do have a list of available names as well that you can chose from. Also our co leader SOH-Vengeance will make you a custom clan picture. We look forward to hearing from you.                                                                                                                                                                       


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