Make a Mercenary Playlist?

Ghosts PlayStation 4

Since, all the tryhard players are on bashing the game 24/7, i actually want activision to create a mercenary playlist within ghosts as this will put a stop and provide a number of benefits to casual players:

  • Stops spawntrap
  • Stops Clan/teams playing as a unit
  • Allows 'lone wolf' players

(if you can think of other put it in reply)

The game mode that shouldnt be included will be; gungame, FFA, and other game modes that are similars to 1v1 and additional gamemode should be placed in i.e. team defender, demolition, hq (not pro) and others

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I would love to see a mercenary playlist, but this won't happen since

there are not enough players.

Every game mode except for TDM and DOM is almost dead.

If they add mercenary the already small amount of players will split again

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I would like a merc moshpit playlist as an alternative for FFA when i'm playing solo, but it probably wouldn't just be popular enough.

BO2 had this, and that game also had much more players online at any given time compared to the Ghosts PS4 version, but that playlist often only had around 100 players on it and the lag was pretty brutal because of it.

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0 in the first two minutes of gameplay.  The clans have gotten out of hand, wish I had time to jump on everyday with six friends or even two friends and waste casual gamers.  I say if you join a clan you only play other clans!  Then you have clans that friend each other and still kick you around.  I have no problem getting wasted by a good gamer, but when they're all working together against randoms, it sucks!  Then you throw in the messed up spawns it gets even better!  Hell the other day I just jumped on and spawned between three enemies, WTH man, well it faired good for me that round, but it usually ends bad.

So we wonder why people camp so much!  I do it when the situation warrants it or the odds are stacked against me and I can't run because they've locked down every corner of the map.

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I like the idea of a mercenary mode , maybe it should have it's own game too...?

Lone Wolf - An Objective mode with a FFA ladder system? I really can't make or think of a type of game right now but let me mull it over , or if you can support a player and post one!

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