Ghosts PlayStation 4

Map Pack Ideas

So I did my usual and spent the first few weeks of release nailing the prestige levels and reached the end..... I put the game on the shelf and tried other games for a while until my mates decided to get the new map packs. So I splashed out and within an hour or so was totally bored again.

This got me thinking, what can map packs bring to the game to get me interested again?

Prestige levels, that simple.

Map pack specific prestige levels with specific emblems/back grounds for each pack. MW3 released new levels and that kept me playing though out the whole year however ghosts give me nothing.

Also I have a few thousand squad points which are totally pointless now and my match xp disappears into a void, no counting for anything...

Maybe allow me to buy new skins or camos with my squad points, anything to assist the longevity of this game otherwise its back on the shelf.

So what are your thoughts, ways to assist the game to last and remain relevant through map pack additions?

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