Nemesis Pack Problem

Ghosts PlayStation 4

I've downloaded the Nemesis content via in game store (since it doesn't allow me to download from Playstation Store. It says it's unavailable for purchase), but it doesn't load up in game. It says Nemesis Pack has been purchased in the Store>Map Packs menu but I don't see any game modes in Multiplayer or Extinction menu's. What seems to be the problem?

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Same thing happened to me.

I downloaded the wrong version went and deleted the file from the downloads section. Then when I went back to download the corrected version I couldn't and it said that it's already been purchased.

I turned the PS4 off and when I turned it on again after a few hours I download the maps with no problem.

I don't know if that was a temporary problem with PSN that was solved or if it was a coincidence.

I hope you download the final maps with no problem.

Unfortunately I can not give you any further advice.

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FFor this map is it only one file I downloaded both 5gb so I've wasted 5gb buy downloading polish stuff any way to delete the wrong one or not really.

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You can delete the file that says "installing" and you won't have any problem.

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