PS4 Ghost Clan ~EP!C~

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PS4 Ghost Clan ~EP!C~

New PS4 Ghost Clan Called: ~EP!C~

I have a  few requirements, and all members will have to try out. We are looking for hardcore players, the current seven members have all maxed prestige's in previous Call of Duty Titles.

1. MIC Required

2. PS3 Currently Required

3. Ghost / PS4 Required in the future

4. Kill Death Ratio 1.5 + / Really Prefer 2.0 +

5. If you are under 1.5 KD, you can try a couple of matches against our elite players and see how you do.

6. If you are interested in trying out, go over to and apply for ~EP!C~

                    I'll send you a PM on your PS3 once I received the application.

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Re: PS4 Ghost Clan ~EP!C~

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All clan related advertising and recruitment is prohibited on the Call of Duty: Ghosts boards until a Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan sub-forum is added. We currently do not have an ETA for this sub-forum and request that you refrain from posting content similar to what was removed.

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