Playing on a different platform?...

Ghosts PlayStation 4

I am actually confused on whether this is generally true on not. A family member of mine has a Playstation 3 and has Call of Duty: Ghost. I had gotten the PS4 for Christmas and from then forward I've been waiting for some games to get. Now that I have finally invested in Ghost for PS4, I've been wondering if I would be able to play with my family member who has the same game but plays with a PS3. Is there cross-platforming at all? Is this possible or not.

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You wont be able to game with a family member if he/she is on the ps3 and you are on the ps4 it will never happen

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At the moment you wont be able to play.

I play on PS4 and my son on PS3, Ghost, and we cannot party up as they are two different consoles.

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