Questions to PS4 owners who have Ghosts

Ghosts PlayStation 4

**For those of you who took the $10 deal and upgraded from the PS3 to the PS4 version, I have a few questions.

1. Do your stats from Multiplayer AND Extinction carry over?

2. Can you tell a noticeable difference in graphics?

3. Is there anything new in the multiplayer? Someone mentioned Ground War. Is this true?

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i havent got a ps4 but

1) as long as you have a cod elite account your stats and stuff will transfer over

2) the ps4 version looks alot brighter and sharper if the videos on youtube are anything to go by

3) groundwar is back for both next gen consoles

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Graphics look leaps and bounds better.

Even (fake)1080p gameplay trailers are nothing compared to actually playing it.

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1: yes

2: graphics are night and day. I was amazed.

3: yes there is ground war. All other modes are the same.

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I rented ghosts for PS3 and it was horrible such as the graphics, the colors and worst was the lag. I couldnt kill anybody due to the lag.  I was considering returning ghosts for my PS4 since the trailers on youtube made it look like PS3,  After playing it on PS4, I was blown away. The graphics have a ton of detail and the colors are vibrant. There is considerably less lag than PS4. Get a PS4. 

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Probably less lag because the rest of the world donesn't have the console yet,that could all change on the 29th.

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Or the average person who buys a new system on release day also actually has a decent connection for gaming... Just a thought.

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Agreed that the PS4 is a much improved console verses the PS3. The other big difference for me , aside from what has been mentioned by posters, is the "retooled" controller. It feels better in the hand, tactical and fire buttons are on the lower aspect of the control-gives a more natural feel (IMO), larger size  puts thumbstick position in better position. Overall ,just a vast improvement.

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