Quick Scoping Removed from Ghosts

Ghosts PlayStation 4

Heres the article that says Quick Scoping has been removed from Ghosts - its an interview with Eric Biessman from Raven Software.

"AusGamers: Is there ever a conversation to just dump aim-assist?

Eric: [laughs] There’s always conversations like that. One of the things we’ve done is that quick-scoping is not in the game. And that was a conscious choice, it’s something that we’ve removed, and I think that will make a lot of people happy. I know that’s something that always gets brought up as a questionable thing that always comes back to aim-assist.

But yeah, there’s things we try throughout the whole development, and it really comes down to iterating and playtesting, and just getting feedback and keep going with that. So there’s always a question about things"

Link to full interview.


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There's already a thread on this

According to dev from Raven, QSing is gone!

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They were talking about aim assist so the only thing we can get from this is that there won't be any aim assist for the Snipers.

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Quickscoping even with aim assist is difficult, despite what some may say. ...but without aim assist... That's a legit kill in anyone's book, right?

So what if it's not like the way it's used in real life. It'll be difficult enough to where people shouldn't gripe, right? We all know they will, but they shouldn't.

I'm replying to you, but this comment is for the general public.

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I agree with removing aim assist, but the community and developers are deluding themselves if they believe QS will not be in Ghosts.

Players will always find the exploits of the game. It would be better if players found a counter-tactic rather than obsessing about ONE play-style

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WolfRidge wrote:

It would be better if players found a counter-tactic rather than obsessing about ONE play-style

Like Dropshotting or Jumpshotting?

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Yeah the really good players will like Faze gaming, but 90% of the quickscopers in BO2 will fail miserably in Ghosts, and thats what the game needs. Everything they had going for them in BO2, and what a long list that is, very little of that will remain in Ghosts from the looks of it.

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Yep, Mark Ruben confirmed on Twitter in a long tweet yesterday Quick Scoping is definitely gone. They also have done a lot of work with 'site-lines' on the maps

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I think "definitely gone" is bit misleading. This is what he said most recently:

    "However in re-envisioning sniper rifles some aspects, such as sway timing, have changed the way sniper rifles function and so traditional 'quick-scoping' has been affected. Is it gone completely? Maybe. It certainly won’t be viable in the way it previously was."

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I think you can interpret that as 'gone?'

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