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I for one would love to IW actually enforce the code of conduct!  I understand the Xbox community is rude, but I figured the PS community would be more civilized.  I'm just tired of the online tuff guy, of course theirs mute, but I enjoy a little comradery every now and then.  Of course we're all guilty of dropping and F bomb or cussing at someone who corner camps the heck out of you, but I'm neither gay nor do I judge anyone on their life style, race, creed, or religion.  So, Ya!  I'm down with a reputation system.  I've been called every name in the book and all over a game!  That and hackers kill the game for me man.  So Mr. Try hard!  You wonder why no one will answer you when your calling your team mates worthless.  Even better yet telling them your going to hack their account or your uncle works for IW/SONY and he'll shut down your account.  Now that's some funny stuff1

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Not a bad idea, but you will still have those same trolls neg repping everyone they can for no good reason.  If I do good in matches I get accused of cheating - neg rep.  If I get trapped down in a certain area of a map and get a few "camping" kills - neg rep.  You get the point, I think most people would only look for reasons to leave negative points for a player, thus rendering the system useless.

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Your right!  I think it would be yet another avenue to beef someone playing better or who has a better come back. 

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Just block those online tough guys. No sense in starting a battle with them, wastes time from good gaming.

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Saying the Xbox community is rude without even knowing makes you sound like a child. There are as many idiots on either system. I know because I own(ed) all at one point. Too bad you had to tarnish your post with that comment.

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The basic code of conduct is and in the real world , if you do not like ones company then discard that individual.

Showing interest is polite ,but to accept put-downs is just up to you.

I tell my kids to accept friends if you like them, being rude won't get you anywhere , those cyberbullies are just that cyberbullies , you can now report ,mute , or just leave that game , If you feel up to challenge em' well the code of conduct is now diminished.

It's a war competitive game , players will talk smack , if you can maintain well they'll get the smack  

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