Sin city on veteran cant get gun!!!!!

Ghosts PlayStation 4

PLEASE I have been powering through ghosts veteren campaign until now (THIS IS MY SECOND DAY OF TRYING) I am stuck at the part where you have to take the gun by mashing square you'd expect this to be easy but no aparently on veteren its the hardest part of the ***** game. The veteren completion trophy is all I want and this mision is literally just sitting there flipping me off, blocking me. You have no idea how many techniqes i have tried to get past one part where you tap square. like WTF. I have watched so many videos, checked so many forums, and I have gotten  no where... I am so done with staring at elias hesh ect. I am not about to uninstall or restart my game. I have the disc copy normal edition no dlc. help

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Did you find a resolution? I am having the same problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but it makes no difference. I, too, have tried all different variations but have not been able to get through it. I noticed no one responded to your question so I'm hoping you found a solution. Can you share it with me if you did? Thanks.

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