Sledgehammer: Quickscoping and Camp Fest?

Ghosts PlayStation 4

Black ops 2 has more QS than any other COD game I have ever played. Tell me again how Treyarch are saving us from them?

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I don't know about that. Did you play MW3. The MSR with quick draw was almost a game breaker. Not quite, but very nearly. And yes, I do think Treyarc make the best CoD's since CoD 4. WoW is the most under rated CoD ever, and Blops 1 & 2 were awesome fun, and had great guns and maps.

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I Would agree with what I've seen as well, not too worried about campers but quick scoping must not be allowed. The other major issue is hit detection and the prevention of LAG between players, so fed up with getting shot round corners and getting the drop on players only to die first.

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LOL @ Quick scoping must not be allowed.  To me anyone who has been playing this game for years and still hasnt learned how to use a sniper weapon and learned how to quickscope should send the game back and get their money back.  Not everyone wants to run around with SMGs on every god damn map.  I hate going 25 and 19.  I would rather go 15 and 3 or 7 and 1. I swear Ghosts has been ruined for guys like me who love sniping just to cater to idiots who only know how to run and gun because they have no clue how to use a sniper weapon!! 

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i'm not sure if you are being sarcastic. No clue how to use a sniper? If a sniper beats a shotgun at close range, that's a broken game. I know how to use a sniper Rifle. You aim down the sites from a distance and try and pick somebody off using the accuracy of the sticks, and not relying on an auto-aim glitch. Don't understand why the community gets so annoyed when somebody hard scopes and gets a head shot from across the map. That's what a sniper is designed for. Still not sure if you're being sarcastic, or you're just some dumb kid who doesn't know what a sniper rifle acually is.

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Taking off aim assist affects more to the hardscoping than quickscoping. aim assist is there because controller isn't precise as computer mouse, no matter how skilled you are. Yes the sniper nerfs in Ghosts has made quickscoping trickier but it also  made realistic sniping (hardscoping) totally pointless.

I give you an example: Team deathmatch on Stonehaven. Game starts, you play as a sniper and go to the "good" spot. You see guy stationary on the other side of the map and scope in. You hold your breath and aim BUT... your aim is half millimeter off from the guys chest. If move the stick at all, your sight jumps to the other side of the guys body. If you were playing on computer this wouldn't be problem because you would have a mouse, which is a lot more precise than controller. This is where aim-assist comes in since it slowers your controllers sensitivity when you have the enemy on your sights, but since there is almost no aim-assist on sniper rifles in Ghosts, you need to move your sight forever around the guy and by the time (20-60 seconds after the game started) you get off the shot, some guy running with Vector CRB + Agility + Marathon will flank you, because like everyone else who has played on Stonehaven 20+ times, he knows all sniping spots there are on the map. If this doesn't happen and you manage to kill the guy, you give your location away on the radar. Yea, also the guy who you shot gets hold of this supernatural power called killcam and knows exactly where you are and shoot you with an AR across the map.

There are many other things i could mention here but my point is that if realistic sniping is not worth it, what else there is for snipers to do than quickscope? I for one would really enjoy if you could cloak yourself and shoot even one guy without him knowing where you are, but since it's more rewarding and it does more good for my team (more killstreaks, better KD, more xp, better scores) to run around and quick scope, why would I bother? Still I don't think QSing is overpowered (you don't see anyone on these call of duty championships use sniper rifle), but it is stupid. Stupid, but many people like it more than using SMG or AR.

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did someone say cloak? AW here we come!

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The company has to see that specific ability as a rediculous crutch and problem.... for the exact reason you posted. If anything, you should be allowed to go invisible and not ADS, but then everyone would sit in corners with a shotgun, using said ability.

Ghosts has been a slow playing game, nobody can deny this, whether you enjoy the game or not. From the videos realeased, it seems like they are trying to bring that faster paced gameplay back in. If a guy is camping a spot, he not only has to ADS in front of him, but worry about someone dropping in on him (with rooftops have breakable glass). The invisibility being a standard thing might be an issue, especially in the first couple weeks. We have all experienced the children on this game enough to know lol. 

The only way the "cloak" should work is as a point streak. You rack up some points, you can snag a "strategic" kill, then you have to play the game again. From what I have seen, the game looks fun and there are many ways to go about "customizing" your guy, but at the end of the day, I think a lot of those features are going to be abused by full parties. I have been enjoying CoD online since Cod4, even though the hipsters say CoD multiplayer started before LOL... but think about about going a gainst a full party in Dom with a the flag cappers running shields and what not.

Long story short, they need to think about how all the integrations will work in public lobbies, especially with ghosts putting so much emphasis on players joining a party or clan, these players will be rolling over in a full party on PS chat ready to go.

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Good argument. I would say that a compromise would be to keep auto-aim, but make it so that the ADS is  longer, maybe .5 second slower, and if you're being shot at, you can't lift the gun. More realistic, more fair. Again, a sniper should never, ever be better at close range than any other gun. It's BS and it needs to be eradicated.

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-Agu- wrote:

Yea, also the guy who you shot gets hold of this supernatural power called killcam and knows exactly where you are and shoot you with an AR across the map.

Killcams are there for a reason. They are there to show the player that it's just been killed from where he  was killed so that no camper would sit throughout the game in a spot shooting people across the map without his position been revealed.

Anyway this is the first time that killcams have been blamed in this way.

And by the way there is a way not to reveal you position in the killcam.

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