Sledgehammer: Quickscoping and Camp Fest?

Ghosts PlayStation 4

Exactly. Realistic sniping = 99,9% camping. Do you want more quickscopers or more campers?

Also is staying ADS after shooting someone what you mean by "way not to reveal your position in the killcam"? This works if your victim is playing the map for his first time. If it's something else, i'd like to hear about it.

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jayk1982 wrote:

i'm not sure if you are being sarcastic. No clue how to use a sniper? If a sniper beats a shotgun at close range, that's a broken game. I know how to use a sniper Rifle. You aim down the sites from a distance and try and pick somebody off using the accuracy of the sticks, and not relying on an auto-aim glitch. Don't understand why the community gets so annoyed when somebody hard scopes and gets a head shot from across the map. That's what a sniper is designed for. Still not sure if you're being sarcastic, or you're just some dumb kid who doesn't know what a sniper rifle acually is.

This post makes no sense at all.

So, you are telling me, if I held a sniper rifle at you from 2 metres away, it will ALWAYS shoot somewhere else, and no matter how many bullets I shoot, none will hit you.

If you want realism, I should be able to hip-fire my sniper rifle and hit someone 30ft away, the way COD is designed is so this doesn't happen because it is a VIDEO-GAME. In this way, snipers are already ridiculously nerfed anyway.

Also, you think shotguns are real? ANY shotgun in COD should get one-hit kills from 100ft away, shotgun pellets don't just 'disappear' or drop to the ground instantly.

Remember this is a game we are talking about, if you want more realism, give Battlefield a shot, or Counter-Strike, or a Tom Clancy game. You are in the wrong franchise mate.

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onlineace wrote:

LOL @ Quick scoping must not be allowed.  To me anyone who has been playing this game for years and still hasnt learned how to use a sniper weapon and learned how to quickscope should send the game back and get their money back.  Not everyone wants to run around with SMGs on every god damn map.  I hate going 25 and 19.  I would rather go 15 and 3 or 7 and 1. I swear Ghosts has been ruined for guys like me who love sniping just to cater to idiots who only know how to run and gun because they have no clue how to use a sniper weapon!!

Not everyone wants to camp with a sniper rifle on every map. I dare you to hardscope on Strikezone or Freefall and see how effective that style of play is. Please post a gameplay if you are able to.

You should be glad there are idiots that run aimlessly as they're the players that are going to end up in your cross hairs. Otherwise if we all played like you, matches would reach the time limit where teams are lucky to get 20 kills apiece (please explain the fun in that). I hate going 25 and 19. But I would rather go 30+ kills with some obscene KDR and rain fire on the opponents than camp my way for 7-1. Some players just don't find the idea of sniper chicken very fun and elect to run. Some are more effective at it than others, just because you're not good at it doesn't mean you should belittle those that are.

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man qs is bullsht. one bullet no matter the range.

so lets all learn qs and everybody get them sniper ready.

or better SH should make this game a sniping qs game straigh

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I'm sorry, English is not my native language; i didn't mean by "cloaking" that you could actually turn yourself invisible. I meant  that it would be nice if you could really camouflage into environment, like dug holes in the ground or cover yourself with leaves or something. Usually 1/3 of the kills i get when playing TDM on Prison Break are from guys who think that laying prone on the top of the hill while wearing ghillie suit and incog makes you invisible. Next 1/3 comes from the guys who either are already or are in hurry to go headglitch into the guard tower (propably the most used and at the same time the most shittiest spot on the map in TDM).

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