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So I have been trying for the last hour to play online and it keeps saying that the Sony Entertainment Network is currently busy.  (CE-33743-0)  Is there anything I can do besides keep trying?  Also does anyone know why this seems to be happening more often?  I'm getting sick of spending money and half the time I can't even enjoy the things I've purchased.  I wish someone would stand behind their product and take responsibility for what they are putting out there.

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Its Sony maintenance I just logged out and back into my PSN account a few times and it worked eventually. It should all be over soon though.

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I tried that, but still no luck I'll just try later

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Yeah I agree, it's getting really annoying. Especially if you don't got all the time in the world to play, then you want it to work when you got time over to play.

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If you bothered to follow PlayStation on, FB, Twitter or even there official Forums you would have known/received information regarding there maintenance schedule. The maintenance has been advertised (for want of a better word) for over a week!!!

This maintenance is in preparation for Firmware update 1.70


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I don't go on Facebook or Twitter very often maybe once a month.  Maybe they should have something that tells you the maintenance schedule on the PlayStation home screen not on social media.

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   I found this post that answered my question


PSN out till 4pm today according to Sony. Routine service

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Got an email saying that the servers need maintenance and will be out till 4pm today if all goes as planned.

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When does it ever go as planned

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4 pm what?  Eastern , Central, Pacific, Mountain, Dumb Fuck time?  What time zone is this 4 pm for .

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As part of our continuing efforts to improve our products and services, our servers will be undergoing updates and maintenance per the following schedule*.

Start: Monday, April 21st, 9:50 am (PT)
End:  Monday, April 21st, 3:50 pm (PT)

Sony Entertainment Network services may be unavailable during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your support.

* Please note that these times are approximate and subject to change. As always, we will be making every effort to minimize time and impact during this process.

I Got this directly off of the Sony website.....why don't they do this overnight is my question.

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