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This was a problem for those looking to flank or play with stealth. These maps were small and if for any reason you happened to stall for even a second you wouldn't be able to activate Ghost again fast enough. The enemy could see where you were and they would all flock to you. Add that to the fact that UAVs are so easy to get in Black Ops II and you don't have much going for you. If you're not going to do something about UAV spam then give Ghost more leniency

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Re: Suggestions for COD Ghost

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I agree with your point aswell KoRny, ghost should not only be activated if your moving, im by no means a fan of campers and dont agree with them sitting in corners the whole game especially in objective modes but occasionally i like to sit back with a sniper and keep off the radar, and also its silly if your trying to complete launcher challenges and everytime you stop to shoot down a UAV you appear on the radar, its for these 2 main i reasons i think it should go back to how it was before, no playstyle should be considered more important than another so if run n gunners dont like campers (which i am one of) we need to find other ways of dealing with them other than stopping them from using ghost.

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Re: Suggestions for COD Ghost

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how about invisible to ai system is coldblooded but have to move in order to be invisible on radar

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1.Return the perks to how they were. I think its better having something to do to level it up instead of just bam its there doesn't get any better. I loved black ops perks you had to play almost every game mode to complete them. Now its you play whatever you want so ctf HQ hardpoint lobbies lack in people but TDM DOM KC and sometimes SnD have 8-10,000 people at any given time. It takes away the fun when you can't get your masteries done cause no one plays those.

2.No black birds no Vsats nothing to tell the enemy exactly what i am what direction i'm looking and all that jazz. I'm cool with UAv cause its delayed a little and can be shot down. VSats nothing you do counters them you can't shoot them down ghost doesn't matter all you can do is hope someone has a counter uav or EMP streak.

3.Take QS out of the game make it so snipers have to scope fully or hip style in order to fire. I don't hate QSing i just hate the people on my team that think they are youtube stars and cost us the game every time. I'm fine with hip firing(if they fix the bullets so they fire straight) and fully scoped but QS is stupid its pointless unless you can do it perfect every time you're hurting your team.

4.Take shotguns like the remington out nothing should be a no skill to kill gun like that. You shouldn't be able to sit in a corner camping and 1 shot anything that moves through there.

5.Fix or remove the knifing its horrible to see someone knife lung me from 5-10 feet away but when I'm behind them and close enough where it looks like a scene from brokeback mountain and miss 3 times with a knife that's stupid.

6.Not a fan of the pick 10 but i am a fan of the 2-3 attachments or the 2 perks it makes the do i run lightweight or ghost dilema out of the equation.

7.Ghost should be taken out. Snipers don't even use it anymore all you see now is spawn campers, knifers, and shotgunners using it now because snipers don't like moving they get shot that way. Easy way to fix it would be put a ghost perk on sniper rifles when you level them up like the gun system in MW3. LMGs could have less flinch smgs have quicker mounting objects. ARs could have quicker slides or dives. Or make it where ghost only covers you inside buildings or under objects. That way other players only have to avoid buildings to counter it.

8.Split screening should be a bannable offense. I'm all for 2 people playing together but when your 2nd account is running out into the open to check for enemies so 1st account knows their exact location and can rack up kills or 2nd account shoots a few times so the enemy follows them into a building to get ambushed by 1st account. Now these are all great tactics but when you just have to look down at the other screen to see the enemy its bull.

9.kill streaks/scorestreaks should only be awarded to players that play the objective. If you're in TDM kills count but if you're in Demo or Dom or CTF where you have objectives kills shouldn't matter unless its defending a flag or flag carrier or kills as the flag carrier. It would make playing those modes more compeditive. What you see now is 1 person trying to play the objective and his team mates are like "LOL good luck with that" and ignore him and camp for kills. Demo has the biggest problem because there's only 2 spawn points yours and theirs with no flips so all you have to do is spawn kill til there's 10 seconds left plant a bomb spawn kill for another 2 mins and plant the other. Almost every game I've played of Demo has been that way well except they purposly lose a round so it goes into over time so they can spawn camp another round.

10. A better party system. In BO2 i get the "cannot connect" error almost every time i try to join a friends game or accept an invite.

11. No more reimagined maps yeah firing range turned movie set is kinda cool and in the new DLC I think it was summit that's getting remade but its at night. I'm all for doing that if you put them out as a free addition like nuketown or the airport map from MW3 but taking a map away in a DLC just to put that in kinda feels like a rip off if i wanted to play it that bad i could just put the other game in.

12. No more custom emblems. half the community puts genitals, racist slurs, or what they did with my mother. I like the create a character idea they are coming out with in ghost.

13. Put all the stuff you put in campaign into multiplayer. In BO2 i got excited when i saw the wrist nade launcher then felt cheated when it wasn't in MP. It was suppose to be in the future and the campaign had all these awesome future tech and looks but in MP it looked and played like it was still WW2 there was no future look or movement. There's gun we have now that can fold around corner at the push of a button.

14. More customization of equipment. Like changing the color of laser that comes out when you put the laser sight on change the color of your reticle change the color of your gun sure the camos are great but maybe i want plain pink gun or green or red or whatever my little heart desires. Change the color of lense my scope has on it. I want it to feel like something i would take out there like i have control of it.

15. No more microtransactions. If you're gonna bring out new call signs new camos and what not make them free we're already paying 110 for the game and dlcs how much more do you need to copy and paste these animations into the next game?

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9.) i personally think things like flag carrier kills should be removed (kills as a flag carrier) because all that promotes is getting the flag, hiding up and trying to kill whore for the extra points,

In objective mode i think kills should be worth very little - 25points, attack defense kills should be more like 100 (for helping out your team capture an objective) but kills as flag carrier should only generate 25 to stop players abusing the system.

But then just reading back over my point im sure people will still find ways of abusing it (ie following the flag holder everywhere and taking it in turns to get the 100 points per kill for defending the flag carrier so guess thats out of the question

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     I think that they should not make ANY GHOSTs map like BOII, They were'nt the best,  make more BO, MW, MW2, MW3 style maps, but add interactables like a turrent. Add more Cover, Put Drop zone and Infected in, Attachments like a nade launcher and silencer should be like a one attachment to your gun kind of thing. Not like in BOII silencer, nade launcher and dual mags like a freagen' one man army. Put Fast hands, Commando, MW3 version of dead silence, slight of hand, Stalker, and Pro perks! Don't make Tacs like a lightsaber ( BOII ) and make them like a flare in MW3. Also, It was cool having to use attachments to get other attachments. And the weapon proficiencies were awesome. I really liked the Survival and Support/Assult/Specalist Killstreaks. Make them KILLSTREAKS NOT SCORESTREAKS there is too much like a heli/ AGR war then people V people. Also, Bring back nightvision from MW and more dark nightvision like levels. and More jungle,forest, snowy,and warzone maps. Make sentryguns have like five hundred bullets and then there usless not like they have infinate ammo and are in our spawn! kind of thing and nerf or raise the level to unlock scavenger or both PLEASE. AND NERF THE BLAST SHIELD, also nerf cuncussion grenades, don't put in shock charges, also I liked the old create a class system exept add the proficiencies maybe even equipment but its only jammers and camera spikes. PLZ DON'T DO THE BO MONEY SYSTEM AND DON'T DO UNLOCK TOKENS. Also add more real life mission scenarios like theres a hostage and you gotta go get 'em and the other team tries to defend him. Don't add tactical mask WAY TO OP. And add more in your DLCs. and if you make camos MAKE THEM CAMOS NOT GLOWSTICKS.

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Re: Suggestions for COD Ghost

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I would like to discuss something on panic knifing.

We know that knifing sucks in BO2. But still I'm getting panic knifed (a lot).
What I propose is if you hit the melee button, you hit enemy with the butt of your gun - damaging enemy health and dis-oriented. Two hit and enemy dies. There could be a delay in between the two hits for fairness.
However, you could also manually switch to knife like in BO2 and get the knife melee kill.

What do you guys think?

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Re: Suggestions for COD Ghost

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Honestly, simply giving more health or decreasing bullet damage would be a big help imo

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Re: Suggestions for COD Ghost

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They should make it so you can call in a kill streak through kinect so you don't have to use the d-pad.

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Re: Suggestions for COD Ghost

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  1. Ghost perk returned to how it should be where you are hidden. Makes no sense to have to run around in order to be hidden. Camping is a legitimate play style (especially when using a sniper) whether you personally like it or not. Forcing people to have to run around more just doesn't seem right (though many like it because they hate campers so much).
  2. DLC should NOT contain remade maps. Those maps should be free to the community (they already made their money off of them). The DLC should contain entirely new content to the game/franchise.
  3. More realistic damage for things like explosives. If I have a vest on, it won't protect me from the RPG that just hit the wall next to my head.  Make it so that when you take damage anywhere you lose the ability to ADS or if it is there you really shake around a lot. Definitely do NOT implement last stand, but something to make you much less effective would be nice.
  4. Make pistols more in line with their true nature. They are over powered in my opinion and very unrealistic in how they act compared to how effective they would be IRL.
  5. Scorestreaks are much better than killstreaks as it should be all aspects of your score that are helping your team, not just kills. The actual scorestreaks may need to be re-balanced.
  6. Re-evaluate Hardcore in regards to how things are implemented. Why can't we see how much ammo we have or how close we are on a scorestreak? Does the entire hud need to be gone?
  7. Completely remove Quick Scoping or render it mostly useless.
  8. Proper clan integration into the game. Ability to see who in your clan is online on your platform. Ability to see details on clan ops/challenges/wars/etc right in the game without having to go to the Elite site. Ability to show off your clan in some way other than just a clan tag. A shared clan emblem that players can choose to use.
  9. Reduce the length of the effect on a flashbang grenade. It renders you useless for about 5 seconds.
  10. EMP should not remove your com indicating who killed who. That should be a game feature that is always visible. It's fine to remove the HUD and sights but not the player indicator.
  11. Map selection should never give the option to choose the previous map. It should also work through most of the maps rather than a somewhat random map that is weighted. Removing the weighting may help the other maps to be played more.
  12. Ability to vote to kick a team killer on and after their 3rd kill just like Halo did way back when. No ricochet as that is a lazy solution and is unrealistic.
  13. Player rating system for reports. For example, if I report 30 people for cheating make it so that my reports start to carry more weight (maybe 2 points instead of 1).  Debatable ones may not affect it but highly inaccurate ones would lower your effectiveness.  This allows you to know when you truly have a cheater in the game more so than when one or two random people report it.  If a Treyarch employee reports someone for a bad emblem, that player gets moved to the top of the list for review.  Allow normal players to move towards that point. It helps the community and it helps IW in finding the true problematic players. Our rating may be public but doesn't have to be. It is more just for the reporting purposes.
  14. Bring back a system equal to or similar to the Pick 10. Much better than the previous create-a-class systems.
  15. Ability to back out of a game and take your entire party with you.
  16. Ability to change the leader of the party without having to recreate it all together (I believe MW3 and BO had that)
  17. Make it very clear what is against the TOS and what will or won't be tolerated and then enforce these things better. The punishments for abusing these things should be stronger as you have clearly warned them.  For example, the emblem editor. The first time that loads for a user, make it very clear that sexual, racist, vulgar, and foul langauge in an emblem will not be tolerated. Then lay out exactly what the penalty will be. 1st warning should be a 3 week ban from using the emblem editor and a report to the Platforms reporting system. The 2nd warning should be a years ban from the emblem editor for all COD games, can't view custom user generated content, and a report to the Platforms reporting system.  Be serious about your reporting and people may just obey the rules a bit.  Cheating goes the same way. Before your first match you get a warning detailing what is not tolerated and what the result will be. Then the punishment can be more severe to those that truly abuse the system.
  18. More hardcore modes
  19. Make clan activities able to be played in Core or Hardcore and don't force them to have to play one or the other. (BO2 allowed this even though it said "core"). Clan Wars (which is replacing League Play) should support both Core and Hardcore as an example (where as League Play only supported core).

That's a couple off the top of my head.

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