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I got my 1st K.E.M Strike today. Played HC Dom on the map Octane solo and just got lucky i reckon , i died a few times then my streak started, called in my 1st attack helicopter then when my Helo came up one of my team mates called in a Oracle and i just went gunnin kept the Helo aside, i picked up a shotgun got a kill then dropped it for a SMG and alternated between the Remington, when my next set of streaks came up 7.9,12, i knew i was getting close, a few kills later and there it was! Me an my son were smiling he was like it's gone all 'dusty' dad i just kept saying i got the nuke son.

so i sacrificed a Helo to insure i wasn't vulnerable it worked this time round.

share your stories.- this isn't a gloating thread

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My story: (not as cool as yours)

Shoot guy, pick up blue briefcase, read instructions.... Shoot some other guy, T-Bag him

Plane appears drops crate, pick up crate.  Call in KEM and BANNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!

(I play mostly S&D so getting one legit is almost impossible for me)

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lol nice WolfRidge i wasn't expecting that!

yea i hope they put HC S&D back in the lobbies, i too am a search/dom player right from cod 4

your reply will surely get a fews laughs

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I've only gotten 3 kems, 2 in FFA and one in TDM. None have that much of a story as i was actually trying to get them so i was using specialist. I do have a horrible fail like most people. So i was playing core DOM on prison break, like you i was using assault killstreaks. i was doing well and got all 3. Battle Hind, Helo Pilot and Loki. #pubstomping Once i got done with those 3 i got up to my battle hind again i did some calculating and realized that i must be close to the KEM. I'm not sure what i was on but must have been around 19-22 kills. So i started to really focus on staying alive and go up the hill by the B flag, watching for ied's along the way. i was near the top and could hear someone on the other side coming my way. I knew he had no idea i was there (Dead Silence) so it was going to be an easy kill. But as fate would have it the little noob had his shotgun in hand and blew my head off. So i took out my second helo and destroyed them all for one last time before the game ended. Unfortunately didn't get a chance to use my second Loki but whatever. As you would expect i was the only one left in that lobby after that game so didn't get a second chance at it. Managed to go 54-1 in that game so it wasn't all that bad, still not a KEM tho.

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thats cool bud ,yea pity about the shotgun lol,

with all the negativity in the forums i thought after i got my K.E.M, how bout hearing about some good battle war stories, we've all had 1 at some stage

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Must have felt good slyd0g

Had a few on strikezone, but the highest I've got is 18 kills on stormfront, which I hate, just using guns and a battle hind which got me zero kills.  It's nice to them on other maps though, even on the receiving end.  Really hits you and is very atmospheric.  Only seen two on Freight and one on Octane though (other than strikezone). 

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it sure did! was kinda fast team-mates satcoms and oracles helped a lot cos they were grudging if you know what mean lol, still if you got 1 -  or your first K.E.M is kinda what the thread is aimed at,  do share

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Not sure if we can post videos or not but I'll try.

This was my first on PS3 in the first week it came out.  I've moved onto PS4 since. It's a bit campy towards the end as I started to get nervous as I was getting close lol

I was trying to keep count of how many KEM's I've got but I lost count at around 80ish so I don't bother anymore.

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nice liked how you captured C flag couple times testy moments , yea the 1st K.E.M is always a milestone , 80 dammmmm, how did you record footage?

when that 25 streak comes up it's yeaaaaaaa. looks better than the 24!

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Nice bro. I used to hate Stonehaven until I started using an AR and forcing some action into the game myself (the SC2010 most recently).

I only started liking the map after the Dom/KC hotfix, because I started playing KC and Stonehaven kept coming up. I'm always collecting tags so high assault streaks and hardline help counter the added risk of pacmanning out in the open. Trinity rocket, hind and helo pilot = guaranteed 40 bomb every time. You're not as good covering the longer sightlines with an AR (although the SC is arguably the best long range gun after the R5 hits its 5hk range, it's 20% faster and yet more accurate) as a sniper would, so the aerial streaks take care of those, although the noise puts you at a disadvantage up close if you can't soundwhore lol

May have to try for a specialist Stonehaven KEM on KC soon

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