Two In The Dome (2ITD) clan from PS3 is coming to PS4!

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Two In The Dome (2ITD) clan from PS3 is coming to ...

Hello all fellow gamers!

Do you like playing hardcore? Do you think softcore is meant to stay on Cinemax? How about Kill Confirmed? Are you getting a PS4? Well if you answered yes, you're in luck!!

"Two in the Dome" or 2ITD, a hardcore only clan is making it's way from PS3 to PS4. We are a solid group of hardcore only players, specifically playing Kill Confirmed, amongst other things, who steer far away from softcore.

Most if not all players are adults, no need for children in our clan. We are based out of Boston, but have more players in places like Florida, Penn, etc...therefore we are mostly eastern time players.

If you ant more info, or want to run with us on PS3 to see what we're about, please feel free to message me in game, Petey_Habibi or our clan leader MR_2_N_THE_DOME

We are starting up a facebook page as well, Two In The Dome - 2ITD | Facebook

Hope to see you soon!


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Re: Two In The Dome (2ITD) clan from PS3 is coming...

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