What is the point of most killstreaks?

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Re: What is the point of most killstreaks?

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Black Ops 2 is kill streak city. I'm super happy that the Ghosts kill streaks don't absolutely take over the map. I remember getting 12 kills with an escort drone. That's a bit ridiculous. I had to keep a blind eye/flak jacket class ready on Black Ops 2 to avoid all the bullshit.

Kill streaks should be a slight reward but they shouldn't decimate the enemy team.

The KEM strike makes sense because if you're dominating that hard you deserve to get 6 free kills. Most 5-10 streaks are fairly easy and common if you're a decent player.

If you're getting 20+ kills each game (depending on game mode) chances are you don't need more kills.

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Re: What is the point of most killstreaks?

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I like that I can finally call in a chopper and not have it shot down in 5 seconds. In BO2, any chopper was toast in seconds. Now, I hardly see anyone shooting rockets. However, it seems the chopper pilots in Ghosts are idiots. I've called in choppers and they hardly shoot. I'm yelling at the TV for them to do something!. Funny.

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