clan recruiting

Ghosts PlayStation 4

clan recruiting

we are a level 24 clan & currently want new members for clan ops

this is what you'll need to apply

PS4 users only

must have ghosts app(only if different timezone to the UK)

have a mic

be able to play in clan ops

be over 25 years old we don't want kids we are an older clan group

be able to speak fluent English & take instruction during clan ops

we are not worried about k/d as that doesn't reflect team play

we don't want headless chickens during clan ops (run & gunners with the exception of domination)

you''ll need to be patient & be able to camp & work as part of a team & protect each other as most

game modes now require you to do this

if you have friends you wish to join that's great providing they can fit in with the clan criteria

you must be able to play in the first clan op because you'll be judged on how you play as part of a team & if your gonna fit in

we do have american members so if your worried about the time difference you'll always have someone during clan ops to link up with

NO time wasters you'll be kicked out straight away

during clan ops if your online we expect you to be playing ghosts not other games,when clan ops are not on play what ever you want if you cant do this then you don't want to be a clan member

we was in platinum but due to the world cup we didn't play thinking we would get demoted to gold but due to a rule change got demoted to bronze this is the case with all clans who choose not to play now we are currently winning silver & will be promoted back to gold for the next op

if your interested send me a friends request with a few details about yourself name,age,etc

send it to srwchunky or apply via the app to KILL THE CAMPERS


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