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Ghosts PlayStation 4

On PS3 i was always being placed with French and Spanish players and yes it was awful. I switched to Xbox and it was no longer the case. However, lately i keep being placed with Scottish and American players even at peak times and as you can imagine, its awful again.

Recently i was matched to NZ, then South Africa, then US east, then south, and back up to Scotland, back to back.

Sometimes i think matchmaking is to blame for the 'lag'.

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I keep getting matched with Italianos and Frenchies. No point in even playing the game for me.

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The matchmaking seems to have gone bad since the latest updates and something needs to be done

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I am in South Africa, and play mainly during the day (offpeak). I can tell instantly how bad the level of lag is by using a sniper rifle, on lan/decent connection i am actually pretty decent cant say the same when there is even slight lag. For a game that revolves around reflex timing in head to head battles, 90% of the time i will die, initially i thought it was because i sucked, i later found out that actually most the time i am always at a disadvantage. On the worst days i have seen 1+second hit delay between shots. It gets so bad sometimes that i just turn on local play with 9 bots FFA on veteran. When i party up with my friend in the UK it is always non english speaking lobbies. When we get sick of the lag we just play FFA veteran bots or 1v1.

Maybe the solution is to get enough players together and run private matches. Trouble is, if you like I am then you only know 1 or 2 players that will play during the times i do.

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Sad you have to play that way matchmaking seriously needs to be looked at.surely there must be enough players in your region for you to play

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I Live in the UK and always get put into lobbies with french and the middle east, im pretty sure there are people playing in the same country as me at the same time.

I Really enjoyes ghosts up until the last month or so, the connections have been apauling to say the least, getting shot round corners and putting a whole clip into someones back for them to turn around and drop me in 2 bullets is getting beyond a joke, i refuse to play ghosts until they sort it out.

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this is definitely something they have changed recently, last week or so have been almost unplayable from the UK.

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Yes defo since the last couple of updates matchmaking gone to shit to honest

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Keep this thread active so the powers that be may do something about the hopeless matchmaking

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I thought that was just me, like my thumbs were no longer working lol

Lag has been so bad for me lately. I'm not on the best of connections, but it was consistently smooth in the past, and I never have ANY problems with it on 360 MW3. Now bullets follow me around corners, BS panic knifing (samurai sword - seriously, that lunge?!) when I've put 4 MTAR/FAD hitmarkers on the guy, or bullets just not registering. Seriously, I was on Fog Dom last night, had my SC2010 up rounding a corner (in 3hk range), shot a burst, and the first 2 bullets connected as usual, but the third through fifth didn't, and the other guy got his gun up (while I was shooting) and bam, I'm instantly dead.

I've gotten pretty good at adapting my rushing game to the latest influx of campers and other cheapos, considering I'm at a disadvantage with my wireless 50ms connection (my KD has levelled off around 1.83-1.85), but yesterday I actually never went better than 24-16. Many I went 1:1 (got 3 25-25 games etc), and even a ton of negative.

It FEELS different, and not in a good way.

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