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no skill needed

First off, this is not a complaint. Just an observation.

I've been saying that the COD games take very little skill to be good and a lot of luck, Yes, I admit, there are days when my aiming is off and I just suck, but usually it's all randomness of the game. There aren't really any skillful players.

I wanted to point out one example. I was playing last night on Octane. There was a guy camped out in the diner room (diagonal opposite the strip club). I ran across the open area strait towards the diner and the guys was sitting there and killed me. Natually, I went after him. I approached from the front still, but on the side, the guy was facing me directly and killed me. Being clever, the third time, I went around the back door, Guess what, he was there and killed me. At this point I'd tried each of the three ways to get him, and I figured I'd randomly try different approaches, The guy continued to kill me a total of 8 times. One of my team mates got him. I never did get him.

This to me, is a great example of luck. It did not matter how I approached the room, he was ready. I think I had lojack on me or something. Somehow he knew exactly where I was.

Oppositely (is that a word?), I've been in situations where I'm the one holding down a room or an area. Let's say I can cover 80% of the area, It is absolutely guaranteed, that someone will come in the 20% I'm not covering and kill me, Happens ALL the time which is one of the reasons I seldom try and hold a location, It never works.

Does this happen to you? Just curious.

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Re: no skill needed

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You're either very sarcastic or extremely ignorant. 

No, it doesn't happen to me.  I either figure out the kill needed or don't screw with it...but I'm going to teeter on the first assumption made above, in regards to you

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Re: no skill needed

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He probably had Amplify on and could hear you from 50 meters away.

If you have 5.1, 7.1 or headsets it is incredibly effective in determining where a player is coming from.

I can literally hear people coming from ~60 meters when I'm using Amplify.

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