played ghosts the last couple days for the first time in a good while and...

Ghosts PlayStation 4

i gotta say i have been having fun but find it much less satisfying than shadow fall which i started playing instead. the transition of no aim assist(kzsf) to aim assist(ghosts) has made kills feel a lot less rewarding. i can still enjoy extinction with a buddy but for the most part the mp just feels idk sorta flimsy. the guns all feel weightless and though the speed of the gameplay is fun its kind of boring just running around feeling like tactics dont mean all too much. also, is it me or do even the objective based modes just feel like tdm for the most part. anyway just curious if this is a common feeling after returning the game after a long break. ill probably still goof around on ghosts when i want to kill some time but i think ill be sticking with kzsf for a minute.

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